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Good Stuff Flocks Together

Grab the Flock Together Cards to go with the full (awesome) kit today for half off! Includes
lots of 3×4 cards and a few 4×6 cards ,too! Includes lots of variations… Also:


You can scoop up the whole huge Good Stuff collection from For the Love of 2013, too.
I’ve a hard time calling them “Something Old.” This kit is full of fun stuff & with an
add-on AND cards? You could scrap forever and for 50% off. Now THAT’S good stuff!

It’s almost that time again! This year I’ve got 25+ products in the retire pile… Don’t miss it. :)

Flock Together  Bad Stuff

For the Love of 2014

For the Love of 2014: Bundle 1

You know you’re excited! :P It’s the first bundle of this years collection, in the 2014 palette, and
I’m SO excited!!!! Get all 3 packs in Bundle One for the price of only 2!! Or snag them on their own…

Look! Stitches!

First up… Look! Stitches! includes 10 stitched bits EACH in 11 colors.

Carded v.6: Started

Carded vol.6: Started includes a total 40 3×4 journal cards! Shinnnnny….

Charming Chevrons v.4

And finally, Charming Chevrons vol.4 is full of 30 chevron patterned papers – so wild
and so cheerful there’s no way they won’t perk up any layout you throw them at. Each pack
is $3 ($2.40 thru the weekend) on their own. Ready for a trip down memory lane?

I’ve been doing this For the Love of thing since the day I debuted as a designer – with Artful Argyles the first! It’s morphed and grown and last year was the most fun I’ve ever had. I got rid of all my rules (papers had to be with papers, alphas with alphas, etc – and if it didn’t fit into a nice trio or holiday pack? It didn’t get to exist… I’m anal retentive that way) and decided that I could make whatever I wanted to make in the palette and bunch them together however I chose! I had so much fun and we ended up with a ridiculously massive For the Love of 2013 collection. So I thought to myself…. perhaps I could get all matchy matchy on the end of the year bundles. You know… for old times sake. :)
For the Love of 2013: All the Alphas For the Love of 2013: All the Cards For the Love of 2013: All the Kits
For the Love of 2013: All the Elements For the Love of 2013: All the Paper
For the Love of 2013: Everything!
Yep! You can grab All the Alphas, All the Cards, All the Kits, All the Elements, All the Papers, or
EVERYTHING for one crazy price. They’re all bundled up nice and happy with a cool 40% discount.
Except the Everything bundle. That one is a whoppin’ 60% off the total. You save just a few bucks
shy of $100 buying that one. And it even includes this super paper pack that’s never been released!

Until now….

Those that get my Friday newsletter just got this treat in their inboxes!! Don’t subscribe?
Don’t fret. Signing up will still get you this pack for free in the final welcome email. :)

Are you playing along with this years Month of Challenges? I’m catching up right now and they’re so inspiring and so, so much fun! Plus, one of ’em even has a fab Val Wibbens freebie!!!  There’s a new Trend Watch up, too!

Get Really Really (really) Happy

Uncle! I can’t get this post to format correctly so please forgive me!

This bundle is full of December BYOC extras with a great price! Grab the
bundle for $3 thru Wednesday!! Or snag them individually…

Winter Tallies

Thru Wednesday you can also grab the Winter Tallies for $1.50!!

Enjoy lots of deals over the next several days, like 25% off all alphas and fonts tomorrow!

And don’t miss the Holiday Open House! I don’t know that I’ll be there – Thursday is the
crazy day at my house – but you’ll have fun even if I’m not! (PS: Like that swanky pocket?)

And lastly, there are new Polly Picks!

You’ll find Happy Go Lucky, The Brushes: Emphatic, and more amongst her picks!


Get Happy: Pockets!!

Get Happy: Patterns & Backgrounds

A Smorgasbord of New & Scary

This week I’ve got TONS of newness for you!

$6.99 $5.59 On Sale On Sale
Includes lots and lots of papers and elements and doodles and scribbles and alphas

You can also find these available separately:


Want an extra 10% off the already discounted price??? Use code spelled_10 to take an extra 10% off

I also have a new mobile ready font for you!!

$1.99 $1.59 On Sale On Sale

I <3 this new font. :) Available as a font, pngs, and as both! KristaGina, & Jaimee also have new mobile ready fonts this week that are amazing! And if you haven’t already, you should pick up Boobie Fight while you’re there…
100% of the proceeds go to charity. This font is especially special to us because of the incomparable Valorie Wibbens (and wouldn’t have been created without her urging) & her mother who was lost way too soon.  Coincidentally, I share a birth date with her mom, too – which is today (10/24 – for another hour)…. I’d be honored if as a Happy Birthday you’d pick up the font. xoxo

Halloween Bash last call +woodland wows!

I hope everyone is having a splendid Monday! I’m stopping by to remind you all of some stuff!

The Halloween Bash is winding down! You still have a few hours to grab Halloween goodness for 30% off!! Including my brand spanking new Cliff Notes:

Cliff Notes: Trick or Treat Edition
And don’t forget these bad boys! (and lots, lots more!)

Thirty One: Elements Thirty One: Patterns & Backgrounds Thirty One: Journal Cards
EEK! Azucar, Azucar Goth Girls

trendwatchThere’s a new Trend Watch category up and I think you’ll love it!! This time it’s
Woodland and here are some of the amazing products you can find for 20% off!

Land of Odds  retro mod Woodly Lane
Autumn Leaves Follow Me Hint of Autumn Stamps

For the Love of Lots +Mobile Ready Launch

 Hi!! Guess what? It’s FRIDAY!!!!! And this Friday I’ve got a near ridiculous amount of new releases for you… Ready?

First up, we’ve been dangling this in front of you for awhile at TLP and it’s time! The Mobile Ready section has launched! These fonts are smart phone and tablet ready and great for photo apps that allow custom fonts! But they’re also great on digi layouts. :) There are 6 new mobile ready fonts this week with lots more coming. Here’s mine:

Also new this week…..

For the Love of 2013: Bundle 9 Protected Pockets
Grammatically Correct Carded v.4: Greeted

Bundle 9 includes (the coolest) leather pockets, Mad Lib style grammar strips, and a pack of cards that is delighted to see you. Available in the bundle and individually, all 20% off thru the weekend. 

And bundle 10:

For the Love of 2013: Bundle 10 Boisterous Bursts v.3
Practical Plaid v.4 Quaint Quatrefoils v.3

Bundle 10 includes 90 (!) colorful patterned papers! Bursts, Quatrefoil, and Plaid prints included. Available in the bundle and individually, all 20% off thru the weekend. 

And best of all? If you buy both (or anything in the store worth $10) you’ll have spent enough to get this gorgeous collab free!

#selfie is a super cool collab from Heather Joyce, Paislee Press, Splendid Fiins, Emily Merritt, and ME! Not all shown in the preview. I super love this collab, btw. And I’m obsessed with the palette. You like it, too? Valorie and Little Butterfly Wings have some really cute coordinating packs new this week.

Polly Picks - Julie Barriball

We’re featuring the fabulous minimalist style of Polly Julie Barriball this week. Read all about her and how to get her look on TLP’s blog. Use Julie’s favorites from the shop in our new Polly Picks Challenge in the forum. See more inspiration from Heather in her gallery.


Are you ready for another installment of Trend Watch!? This week’s focus is mist. Mist can be used in such a wide variety of ways, from title work to simple paint accents to a full page. The Lilypad shop has many different takes on mist; you can shop them in the Trend Watch – Mist category at 20% off this week.

Not So Very Small Homecoming!

Hiya! Happy Wednesday! Today for SOSN I’ve got my new favorite alpha coming home to TLP for 50% off:


This is the 5th alpha in the (somehow) popular Very Small series… here are the others:

Very Small Alpha Also a Very Small Alpha An Additional Very Small Alpha

 and of course…. my favorite:  Hark. Another Very Small Alpha.

Back to work! I’ve got a whole new BYOC collection coming Friday! xoxo Allison

Bite Me

Seriously. Really.  Do it.

At the very least look at my kit with my biggest design crush evah!!

Wapow! 20 papers, a ton of elements, alphas, strips…. it’s so good you’ll be content to stay human just awhile longer. ;)

For really reals, tho.  I have Val’s stuff back when she was Spotted Dog at Storytellers.  Some of the very first stuff I actually bought! And yes, I giggled like a school girl every time she emailed me with kit business.

Want a freebie?

Are you sure?

Also – I haven’t forgotten Montana’s feature. I had the brilliant idea that it would be completely awesome if I doodled in eyeliner for Bite Me and scan it.  And then left it on my scanner.  My scanner is now covered in eyeliner.  But I got a ridiculous new camera for my birthday last week (ack 32!) so her feature is coming THIS weekend.  (she won’t let me just not do it)  And I have it on good authority that she’s throwing together a freebie.  Yay

Love to you all – Allison