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Sugar, Sugar!

Azucar, Azucar – my nod to Día de Los Muertos – hits the store today especially for The Lilypad’s weekly “Something Old Something New” and you know what that means!  That means this huge brand new colorful kit is 50% today and ONLY today. The price will never be reduced that much again – not even during the upcoming DSD!

Azucar, Azucar


  • 17 solids
  • 12 patterned backs
  • 84 handdrawn & realistic elements
  • 24 doodles
  • and 1 alpha in eleven colors!!!

$3.50 today!!!!!  And man, let me tell you…. quite along time ago I came across these gorgeous vector sugar skulls during some huge bulk vector sale. I was all, NICE, that’d save time.  I’ve never used a single one of those vectors. LOL  They’re .eps files, first of all which generally means they’re filled – not stroked – which generally means you either use them as they’re drawn, being content to simply change colors, or you don’t use them at all.

So when I was asked to participate in a very exciting Dia de Los Muertos collab 3-way I was like “DING!” This won’t be too much extra difficult drawing because I have those wonderful sugar skull vectors and they’re perfect as is.


Nothin’ is ever that easy, is it? They’re badass designs, whoever did them, but I didn’t love the random non-uniform line thickness and some other stuff and as they’re not editable to that extent guess what I got to do anyways? I ended up still having to re-draw – from scratch – every bit of every doodled element. Just like always. I don’t know why I thought I could be satisfied to stick with someone elses vision this far in.

No biggie expect we had something like 3 days to complete the collab. Ha! Those that know me know that’s an unlikely outcome from me. I’m just too slow. So in the end the portion had to be rounded out into a full kit. And there you have it. Azucar, Azucar!

Little hint, though? Want a doubly awesome Day of the Dead kit – that coordinates?!?!?!?! Go see Jacque and Michelle’s GORGEOUS collab that shares a color palette!   Also? Newsletter subscribers are about to get a free kit. Ha!