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Let the countdown begin!

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First up for DYD extras is the Merry Days Journal Cards. These dandies include 12 core cards plus an additional set of gloriously festive alternates!


I’m just going to say it. The Countdown Cards are magic. You can layer them and animate – they flip thru the “pie chart” perfectly. Use them on your pocket pages… Document December… totally up to you. These 3×4 cards include 0 to 25 plus a beginning blank card and an ending blank card. And they’re only $1.75 today!!!!!

inothernewsblack-fridayBlack Friday is heading our way… Memory Pocket Monthly’s December kit is releasing this week and it’s MAJOR! Plus, that means a new collection of add-ons!! Be on the lookout for those, storewide sales, FREEBIES, and more!!


In case you missed the Snowy & Icy Numerals, here’s another chance!


This is Halloween.


Bloggy_--what’s new--_2The Freaks Come Out At Night: Extras Duo

The Freaks Come Out at Night Extras Duo | $2.50 Today


You can also pick up The Freaks Extras individually for $1.50 today :)

I Put a Spell on You: Journal Cards I Put a Spell on You
I Put a Spell on You: Doodles & Scribbles I Put a Spell on You: Paper Pack
Thirty One: Sticky Tape Thirty One: To the Letter
Thirty One: Journal Cards Thirty One: Extras Bundle

There’s also a heap of last minute Halloween favorites for 50% off today! You can grab ALLLLL of this weeks SOSN deals here.

sneak sneakDSD

Dreamy 50% Off!

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2Dreamweaver: Journaling Cards

First up, the Dreamweaver Journal Cards! Today you can grab 16 (plus 9 alts) soft, dreamy beauties for $1.50!!


Those pretties coordinate perfectly with this gorgeous collaboration with Studio Basic… Dreamweaver includes 9 solids, 20 patterns, 31 doodles, TONS of elements, a set of dymo strips for journaling your dreams, 1 dymo alphabet, 1 shimmery alphabet in SIX colors, and 2 amazing templates!!! And until the end of today you can grab this collab for $4.50.


by dotcomkari

by sucali




Get Crabby

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2


Crabby: Rubber Stamps include 90 real rubber stamp impressions that coordinate perfectly with Beached! Including starfish layers in separate files so you can easily make multicolored starfish. :)


Crabby: Sticky Tape includes 14 shabby bits of patterned paper tape.


Crabby: Journal Cards includes a variety of subdued 3×4 journal cards – including 8 alternate recolors/versions


You can pick up each of the Crabby Beached add-on packs for $1.50 today (reg $3) or get all three add-ons for just $3 (reg $6)

We Are Storytellers: Patts & Backs

We Are Storytellers: Patts & Backs is also 50% off today. Includes 17 papers (9 unique/8 alternate) for just $1.50 today.

See you Friday for BYOC!!!

Trio of Extras!

It's a Breeze: Trio of Extras

This week I’ve got a trio of coordinating extras that are the perfect addition to the It’s a Breeze collection! And the best part is that, as always with bundles in my store, you get all three extras for the price if two. That’s right! One of those extras free!! The Extras Trio includes It’s a Breeze Sticky Tape, Wood Bits, and Journal Cards. And today it’s only $3. A dollar an extra!!! If you don’t need all three, don’t fret. Each of the packs is available on their own, too, for just $1.50 today.

It's a Breeze: Sticky TapeIt's a Breeze: Wood Bits It's a Breeze: Journal Cards

There’s a new Trend Watch category up! You can find lots of fabulously bright products for 20% off…. including:

In Summer.y Patterns & Backgrounds Talk to Me Blah Blah Blah

Brazen & Wishful

Make a Wish: Journal Cards
Snag the June 2014 BYOC cards for my Make a Wish collection, all 20+ cards, for $1.50

Our Life: Mini
If you missed my contribution to the November Digi Scrap Parade you can rectify that major injustice today for just $1.50. :) and make sure you visit my Facebook page to snap up the last Digi Scrap Parade pack from me!
The Way We Were(n't) Vol. 12
While you’re there don’t miss The Way We Were(n’t) v.12 for $1.63… includes 19) patterned papers in a variety of colors, prints, styles, and textures never released before as they appear in this pack, including castoffs, leftovers, and randomness from recent kits and packs like Remembories, Twirl, and more!
Brazen Backs Flagged & Tagged
Lastly, the June 2012 BYOC duo is also 50% off – 24 papers or 40+ tags and flags each in 2 styles – that’s a lot of happy & bright!


Storytelling: Journal Cards

Make a Wish: Patterns & Backgrounds

Rebellious Daddy? No?


Today you can snag Pops for only $3.25!! Full of papers, elements, and a puffed chevron alpha (plus doodles!!) this kit is definitely a personal favorite. You can also grab the Pops individual packs – the papers, tabs, and doodles – for 50% off today, too!

Rebel: Journal Cards

Last week Jaimee and I released a super collab (Rebel) and today you can grab this small selection of 3×4 & 4×6 journal cards for 50% off! Grab all 24 for $1.50 today.


SOSN 4/16

You Are Here: The Kit

Today you can buy the full You Are Here kit for just $3.50! Don’t need the full kit? Well, you can grab the individual packs for 50% off, too!

You Are Here: Alphas You Are Here: Elements
You Are Here: Papers

This collection remains one of my best sellers by far! Also on sale today…

What's Your Point

What’s Your Point (v.1… hint)is a mere $1.25 through today!

You may have noticed some bumps in forums, etc, today – our server migrated last night and it’s still working itself out. As far as I know SOSN may be extended because of this but I’m not 100% sure.

La Di Da: Embellishments

Hot Hexagons v.3

An oopsy SOSN…

I couldn’t think of any more clever subject line involving this weeks SOSN bits…. Hot Messy Butterflies was the least bad. :) Regardless, there are some great deals this week for 50% off!! And then…. OMG. When I went to make the featured image? I realized….. I just had Social Butterfly in the SOSN pile. LOL

Touches for Finishing Hot Mess: Doilies

Want to know a secret? Last April I planned out a kit I was super excited about for BYOC. But I was running out of time and didn’t want to waste it. So instead I started 30 other packs… and I ended up with these bad boys. Both are 50% off through the rest of today.

One of the best collabs in history! This beautiful collab is full of interesting patterns, cool elements, and more. I love playing with Jenn and this was the perfect first project for us. Grab this *fantastic* collab for $4 through today only. 

Once Upon an Imagination
Get Set! Collab

Best. SOSN. Ever.

Hiya! It’s Wednesday once more and that means tons of fantastic savings – SOSN deals plus new Polly Picks, Trend Watch, and mega For the Love of 2013 bundles (see recent releases – some great deals there if you go to my store)!

$1.75 Originally part of the Digi Dares anniversary collaboration, Make Me Over is now available on it’s own! It’s got a new alpha duo (not part of the original) and is packed with mini kit goodness. Doodles, paper bits, word strips, and other cute things! Includes 7 (+one bonus) patterns/backgrounds, approx 30 elements, 7 doodles/stamps, and 2 alphabets.

This brand new pack of beauties includes a total of 20+ 3×4 cards (includes the variations shown in the preview) plus 2 text overlay words not shown. They coordinate with the mini above but are also fun all by themselves.

$4.00 It’s a complete travesty to call this amazing collab “old.” Far from it! This kit is exactly as we’d design it today! Full of unique patterns, an abundance of labels and tags, alphabets, and lots of pretty little things – this kit is an absolute STEAL for $4! No raise your hand if you think that it needs it’s own journal cards in the near future!

I’ve got a TON of beloved product in this Trend Watch! And they’re all 20% off right now.
Plus, if participate in the Trend Watch challenge, you could win $5. Go play!

And last but not even close to least… New Polly Picks, too! This round goes to the amazing
Amanda Cockle! She is wonderful and has some great picks. Shop her style and save 20%.

See you next Wednesday with more great SOSN deals!! xoxoxo

Once Upon an Imagination
For the Love of 2013: Everything!

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