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More Brighter

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The final pack in my September BYOC Collection, Bright: Journal Cards, includes 30 total cards (12 “core” and 18 alternates) to help you fill, title, and record. On sale today for $1.50

Bloggy_--what’s-old-_2More Smarter

More Smarter: The Kit Bundle  |  $3

More Smarter: Composed Alphabet More Smarter: Quick Learnin' Elements More Smarter: Clever Papers

Not looking for the full kit? You can also pick up the More Smarter packs on their own: Composed Alphabet ($1.38), Quick Learnin’ Elements ($1.63), and Clever Papers ($1.38)

More Smarter: Cliff Notes  |  $1.88



Get Crabby

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Crabby: Rubber Stamps include 90 real rubber stamp impressions that coordinate perfectly with Beached! Including starfish layers in separate files so you can easily make multicolored starfish. :)


Crabby: Sticky Tape includes 14 shabby bits of patterned paper tape.


Crabby: Journal Cards includes a variety of subdued 3×4 journal cards – including 8 alternate recolors/versions


You can pick up each of the Crabby Beached add-on packs for $1.50 today (reg $3) or get all three add-ons for just $3 (reg $6)

We Are Storytellers: Patts & Backs

We Are Storytellers: Patts & Backs is also 50% off today. Includes 17 papers (9 unique/8 alternate) for just $1.50 today.

See you Friday for BYOC!!!

Storewide Sale and AWESOME BRUSHES!!

OMG. It’s Sunday. Oops. I got so distracted by (amazing) things coming up and the deadlines that they impose that I never hit publish which means I never sent a newsletter either! Sorries!

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Thru tomorrow you can save 30% storewide! Yay!! Time to wipe the wishlist and get ready for newness!! Including this weeks new release…

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2FOLDER

Squee! The truth is – I often make stuff that I want to use on my own pages and sometimes I think maybe someone else would want to use them, too… such is the case with the entire Stamp Tramp series. This edition, Stamp Tramp Volume 4: Pattern Starters, is decidedly less messy (unless you’re the one who stamped the impressions… I was covered with ink!) because I wanted them to be tools, not the finished product. There are a million ways to use these. With a single click in the brush panel in Photoshop you can change the spacing of any of these brushes and instantly create a perfectly spaced pattern. Another couple clicks in the scattering options within the brush panel will give an instant confetti-like flurry of patterned goodness. Or you can simply stamp them all over the place. Here’s an example:

FOLDER3Pattern Starters is on sale for $2.45 right now – the perfect time to pick it up.


I have a ridiculous amount of goods in this Trend Watch and you can get them all for 20% off. Here’s just a few:

Careless & Painted BordersIn Summer.y Patterns & Backgrounds Tremendous Triangles v.2

Flock Together Seize Wonder: Sticky Tape

and MANY MANY more! There are some amazing deals in there….


Chalkboard Toolkit Part One

nlThis is one of those random projects that popped into my head in the middle of the night and drove me nuts until I started fleshing it out. Naturally, there’s a million ideas but to start with I have The Chalkboard Toolkit: Part One.


Part One includes a trio of chalkboard buildin’ basics! If you purchase the bundle you get one of the packs for free!  It’s just $5.20 thru this weekend. Each pack is also available individually, too. Part One includes:


The Chalkboard Toolkit Arrows include 89 hand chalked arrow doodles. Each of those 89 arrows comes in it’s actual size and a smaller size for more flexibility with the Toolkit Chalkboards (lower down) and then both sizes are also included black and in brush format so that you can make them whatever color you like. :) Grab these for $2.40 this weekend.


Also included in Part One is the Chalkboard Toolkit Alphabet! Letters, numbers, and punctuation all included. As with the arrows, each character comes in it’s actual size and a smaller size for more flexibility with the Toolkit Chalkboards (next) and then both sizes are also included black and in brush format so that you can make them whatever color you like. You can pick up the Toolkit Alphabet for $2.40 this weekend.


Lastly, Part One includes the Chalkboard Toolkit Chalkboards. This magnificent pack of chalkboards includes four styles of ornate boards EACH in ten colors (really) and two versions of vintage wooden boards. The boards are on sale for $2.80 throughout the weekend. Also – whether you purchase the bundle or the individual packs, you also get a free bonus 12×12 frameless chalkboard background.

Had to have a chalkboard freebie! I had all these extra bits leftover from mindless chalk doodling and I thought perhaps you’d enjoy them. Includes 36 random chalky bits to jazz up your boards.


And in case you don’t get this on Wednesday, here’s an alpha duo that coordinates with Once Upon an Imagination (it was half off last  Wednesday) and pretty much anything else. What doesn’t work with silver and gold? Grab it by clicking on the preview.


Trio of Extras!

It's a Breeze: Trio of Extras

This week I’ve got a trio of coordinating extras that are the perfect addition to the It’s a Breeze collection! And the best part is that, as always with bundles in my store, you get all three extras for the price if two. That’s right! One of those extras free!! The Extras Trio includes It’s a Breeze Sticky Tape, Wood Bits, and Journal Cards. And today it’s only $3. A dollar an extra!!! If you don’t need all three, don’t fret. Each of the packs is available on their own, too, for just $1.50 today.

It's a Breeze: Sticky TapeIt's a Breeze: Wood Bits It's a Breeze: Journal Cards

There’s a new Trend Watch category up! You can find lots of fabulously bright products for 20% off…. including:

In Summer.y Patterns & Backgrounds Talk to Me Blah Blah Blah

SOSN 7/9

In Summer.y Extras Trio
Grab all 3 In Summer.y extras for the price of only 2!!
Includes all three extras for just 3.25 today only! Don’t need all three? No problem – each are also available all by their lonesome…

In Summer.y Bubbly Alphabets
In Summer.y Bubbly Alphabets | $1.50

In Summer.y Bits & Pieces
In Summer.y Bits & Pieces | $1.63

In Summer.y Bubbly Backs
In Summer.y Bubbly Backs | $1.63

Built for Two: Journaling Cards
Built for Two: Journaling Cards | $1.50

Built for Two: Templates
Built for Two: Template | $2.00

In Summer.y Patterns & Backgrounds

In Summer.y Bubble Brushes

July BYOC!!!

Happy 4th to you (and happy 47th to The Hairdresser on Saturday!)! July BYOC is here and I love it. I started with a totally different collection (which has been re-assigned with a new palette and will release later!) and somehow while painting I picked up a straw and started blowing on paint globs and before I knew it I was outside in 98 degree weather covered in bubbles and paint with my neighbors staring at me. Good stuff! Ready?

First up! In Summer.y Bubble Brushes! These are so much fun! 19 bursts of colorful bubbles in their original color and in black! Plus a bonus bubble print in just black that’s extra big! These are in brush and png format.

In Summer.y Note Cards

Next up, In Summer.y Note Cards! These 12+ journal cards are fresh, clean, and ready to document your everyday. 16 cards in all plus most come with and without texture!

In Summer.y Patterns & Backgrounds

Last up, the In Summer.y Patterns & Backgrounds! OMG. I love these. These vibrant papers covered in unique prints, geometric patterns, florals, etc, and include a variety of textures. 16 bonus alternate variations are also included. Yay for extra paper!!  Stay tuned Wednesday for part 2 of this collection with extra packs at 50% off!

Cards Built for Two

Everybody Dance Now: Journal Cards
Includes an abundance of 3×4 cards for all your sparkly dancin’ needs – grab them all for $1.63 today!

Built for Two: Full Kit

Built for Two now as a fabulous bundled up kit! Includes Built for Two’s Dymobet, Embellishments, and Patterns & Backgrounds! Grab this bundled kit for just $3.50! Or grab them on their own…

Built for Two: DymobetsBuilt for Two: EmbellishmentsBuilt for Two: Patterns & Backgrounds

You can also grab the Built for Two kit portions for 50% off today! A multi colored label tape alpha, a collection of pretty elements, and a packed pack of colorful patterns & backgrounds. Find all of this weeks SOSN deals.

Everybody Dance Now: Kit

Brazen & Wishful

Make a Wish: Journal Cards
Snag the June 2014 BYOC cards for my Make a Wish collection, all 20+ cards, for $1.50

Our Life: Mini
If you missed my contribution to the November Digi Scrap Parade you can rectify that major injustice today for just $1.50. :) and make sure you visit my Facebook page to snap up the last Digi Scrap Parade pack from me!
The Way We Were(n't) Vol. 12
While you’re there don’t miss The Way We Were(n’t) v.12 for $1.63… includes 19) patterned papers in a variety of colors, prints, styles, and textures never released before as they appear in this pack, including castoffs, leftovers, and randomness from recent kits and packs like Remembories, Twirl, and more!
Brazen Backs Flagged & Tagged
Lastly, the June 2012 BYOC duo is also 50% off – 24 papers or 40+ tags and flags each in 2 styles – that’s a lot of happy & bright!


Storytelling: Journal Cards

Make a Wish: Patterns & Backgrounds

Who’s Yo Daddy?

The 6th in the series, Cliff Notes: Who’s Your Daddy includes well over 200 clips, strips and more all themed around Dad. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, all these boyhood bits are fun and perfect for adding some grubby to your layout. Grab them thru Sunday for just $3.20All the Cliff Notes packs are fun and silly (and packed!) – search Cliff Notes at TLP to find them all. Need Word to Your Mother Edition, too? Use code: MOMMYDADDY to get 25% off the Mommy Edition thru Sunday!

Cliff Notes: Word to Your Mother Edition
Mini roundup…

Cliff Notes: Lovey Dovey Edition

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