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Tutorial: Using TLP’s Mobile Ready fonts with Windows Phone…

Happy Monday! It’s a rainy Portland night so I thought I’d get around to posting a tut for all you with Windows Phones!!

This was one of my biggest bummers when I got my Lumia 1020 a couple weeks ago. No custom fonts. I was so disappointed! But I found a fabulous work around that makes The Lilypad’s M.R. fonts even better!

Here’s what you’ll need:


Before we get started we need to do a couple things. If you purchased the png files that go along with your font from TLP than skip this step. If you didn’t you can do one of two things. First – you could go buy the associated pngs. :) Or second you can save each of the 16 or so letters of your mobile ready font as a png file in your photo editing software. Simply type a character (one with a doodle associated, obviously), save as png, repeat. Mine are all around 600px to 1400px.

Now, since WP have no *real* Dropbox support we’re uploading them to our phone in other ways. If you have AT&T, use AT&T Locker. If your phone has some other kind of cloud storage, use that. You can also simply drag them onto your phone via your PC. Once you’ve done that, we’re ready to start…


1) Open your PicsArt app either by clicking it’s Live Tile or from your apps menu. From the PicsArt main menu (above) click “Photo”


2) From the next menu we’re going to choose the first option.


3) From this menu we’re going to navigate to wherever the photo you want to decorate is located. Mine happened to be in my Camera Roll. If you’re using a Saved Pic or Screenshot it’ll be under those menus. Anyway, select the photo you want to use.


4a) Once your photo is loaded you need to scroll the bottom menu as shown. 4b) Click “Add Photo”


5) From this menu click the first icon. This will take you to the “gallery” of your images again. 6) Now you need to choose where you saved your font pngs. Mine are in the AT&T Locker so that’s where I’m headed…


7) Yay! Look at ’em! Yours may show as a strange “T” shape instead. Sometimes pngs display weird. Either way, once you’ve navigated to your font pngs you just need to pick one. :)


8) Your png will land in the middle of your pic but it’s easy to drag around. You can rotate and scale it by messing with the round arrow icon shown in 8b. You can also play with blend modes by clicking the triangle next to “Normal” AND play with the pngs opacity! When you’ve got it how you want it simply click the check mark under “Normal.


8c) No hit the disc icon above your pic and save! Voila!!


Done! You can also save elements to your phone and use them the same way! Digi papers make great texture overlays in PicsArt, too! I’ll update with some more examples briefly. Now you can love your Windows Phone even more!