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Halloween Bash last call +woodland wows!

I hope everyone is having a splendid Monday! I’m stopping by to remind you all of some stuff!

The Halloween Bash is winding down! You still have a few hours to grab Halloween goodness for 30% off!! Including my brand spanking new Cliff Notes:

Cliff Notes: Trick or Treat Edition
And don’t forget these bad boys! (and lots, lots more!)

Thirty One: Elements Thirty One: Patterns & Backgrounds Thirty One: Journal Cards
EEK! Azucar, Azucar Goth Girls

trendwatchThere’s a new Trend Watch category up and I think you’ll love it!! This time it’s
Woodland and here are some of the amazing products you can find for 20% off!

Land of Odds  retro mod Woodly Lane
Autumn Leaves Follow Me Hint of Autumn Stamps