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IT’S HEEEERE!!! DSD 2016!!!



Okay, I have SO much to share with you! Besides a crazy storewide sale of 30% off, I have a collab with an amazing designer, a FWP, a Pick a Prize chance x2, several bundles, and new products, too! Wowza. 


Let’s kick this off with the collab….


I was so excited to get to work with LBW again! She is spectacularly talented. This peppy planner collection includes 2 full print ready sticker sheets with cut files (with different box sizes!), 5 tabbed dividers (that are awesome!), grocery list insert, weekly list insert, month on 2 page inserts, and week on 2 page inserts…. all for FOUR popular planner sizes with a focus on versatile, everyday life planning! I love the mix of our styles and I know you won’t be disappointed. 

And I had so much fun with this that I kept going! 
folder$2.56 $3.65 (save 30%)

With a ton of alternate color ways included, this pack goes on

well past 24 hours. Includes a happy mix of 3×4 and 4×6 cards.

folder$2.56 $3.65 (save 30%)

The Another 24 Hours patterns & backgrounds are great for traditional
scrapbooking (both digi and hybrid) but I was also extra careful with pattern and
scale because I wanted these to also work effortlessly
as planner dividers, covers, etc. Includes 30 total papers!

So that covers the new goodies…. ready for DSD specific madness? Because I’ve got lots. Super Special Mini Bundles 1 through 3 are back on only $2 each throughout the DSD sale:

ssmballAll 3 bundles are only around throughout the sale so grab them fast because they each include more that 20 mini packs and are an exceptional deal. :)

And brand new for this DSD only:


That is all my BYOC journal cards packs from October 2015 through September 2016 for $6. WHAT?! Follow the link and check out the total contents because all together this bundle, with a years worth of seasons and themes and subjects, includes OVER 290 JOURNAL CARDS!!! 

Did you see this weekends Free With Purchase? Of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams Part 2 is overflowing with dreamy goodness and is yours for free with any $15 purchase. (it’s so pretty – I love this palette!)  And if you happened to miss Part 1 from the blog hop you can grab it this weekend for just $5

Lastly….. How about a little Dreamy freebie?


So, there you have it. In between shopping rampages check out the TLP DSD forum for A POLLY CALL, challenges, fun, and the return of Pick Your Prize threads! You can find mine HERE – one winner will be chosen at random to receive the prize of their choosing! Additionally, I will choose a random winner, too. That’s 2x the chance to PICK YOUR PRIZE!


Tis Extras!!!

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2

Tis needed Glitterbets, don’t you think? These Glitterbets included FOURTEEN different full alphabets. All the solids and 3 spectacular multi colored ones. Oooooooohhhhhh….. Just $1.63 today. (how much is that per alpha?!)

Tis: The Journal Cards

Oh, the journal cards…. how I love thee. These little pretties include a multitude of 3×4 journal/title/filler cards with & without bleed and with & without texture. Whoa. I dare you to not find the file you need! 26 (x4 formats) jpgs included. A very respectable $1.75 today!


My first full Christmas kit ever. I still love it. The jeweled snowflakes and high gloss alpha are still favorites. This jam packed beauty is just $3 today. (seriously – look in the product description at those amazing Smitten layouts…)



Hayrides & Smiles Extras Duo

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2Hayrides & Smiles: Extras Duo
Hayrides & Smiles Extras Duo | $2.50 thru Wednesday

This duo includes the second portion of the Hayrides & Smiles collection for October 2014 BYOC for one itty bitty price. Includes Hayrides & Smiles: Journal Cards {30 total 3×4 title, filler, and journal cards} and Glitterbets {a sparklicious alphabet in 10 full glittery colors}

Hayrides & Smiles: Glitterbets
Hayrides & Smiles Glitterbets | $1.50

Hayrides & Smiles: Journal Cards
ayrides & Smiles: Journal Cards | $1.73

The duo packs are also available individually, for your convenience! See additional images in the store for a look at what each holds. Also 50% off this week….

Bloggy_--what’s-old-_2nightFall: The Doodle PacknightFall: The Element PacknightFall: The Paper Pack

The nightFall Collection, October BYOC from my first October BYOC, is also 50% off! Get all three for $4.79 or individually starting at $1.33!


Dreamy 50% Off!

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2Dreamweaver: Journaling Cards

First up, the Dreamweaver Journal Cards! Today you can grab 16 (plus 9 alts) soft, dreamy beauties for $1.50!!


Those pretties coordinate perfectly with this gorgeous collaboration with Studio Basic… Dreamweaver includes 9 solids, 20 patterns, 31 doodles, TONS of elements, a set of dymo strips for journaling your dreams, 1 dymo alphabet, 1 shimmery alphabet in SIX colors, and 2 amazing templates!!! And until the end of today you can grab this collab for $4.50.


by dotcomkari

by sucali




Get Crabby

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2


Crabby: Rubber Stamps include 90 real rubber stamp impressions that coordinate perfectly with Beached! Including starfish layers in separate files so you can easily make multicolored starfish. :)


Crabby: Sticky Tape includes 14 shabby bits of patterned paper tape.


Crabby: Journal Cards includes a variety of subdued 3×4 journal cards – including 8 alternate recolors/versions


You can pick up each of the Crabby Beached add-on packs for $1.50 today (reg $3) or get all three add-ons for just $3 (reg $6)

We Are Storytellers: Patts & Backs

We Are Storytellers: Patts & Backs is also 50% off today. Includes 17 papers (9 unique/8 alternate) for just $1.50 today.

See you Friday for BYOC!!!

la di da…

I’m back! After my PC went kaput for absolutely no reason I got sidelined. I lost a bunch but not as much as I could have. But everything is frustrating right now – every time I start to work I find something else I’m missing. Fonts – all gone. Boo. PS brushes, etc – all gone. You get the idea. But I’m back and La Di Da is back in the SOSN bin after a minute there last week….

La Di Da: Journaling Cards

I cringe to refer to this collection as old. I love it. And it seems literally like just yesterday that I created it. The La Di Da cards feature a total of 50 alternates and variants each with and without texture. That’s a lot of cards. Just $1.75 today!

The La Di Da alphabet and patters & backgrounds are on sale, too!  The alpha is massive and sparkly and just $1.13 while that paper pack is FULL of papers – 29 total plus 16 bonus solids for $1.75 thru today only.
Last in the La Di Da collection – the embellishments! Includes a sweet variety of pretty bits for $1.75 today.

Bigger & Bolder
Lastly, Bigger & Bolder is 50% off today. 15 boldly patterned papers in a wild palette for $2.00 today!

BTW – watch my blog and FB tomorrow…… EPIC news!

Who’s Yo Daddy?

The 6th in the series, Cliff Notes: Who’s Your Daddy includes well over 200 clips, strips and more all themed around Dad. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, all these boyhood bits are fun and perfect for adding some grubby to your layout. Grab them thru Sunday for just $3.20All the Cliff Notes packs are fun and silly (and packed!) – search Cliff Notes at TLP to find them all. Need Word to Your Mother Edition, too? Use code: MOMMYDADDY to get 25% off the Mommy Edition thru Sunday!

Cliff Notes: Word to Your Mother Edition
Mini roundup…

Cliff Notes: Lovey Dovey Edition

SOSN 4/23

Hop: Easter Tallies
The 3rd volume of tallies coordinates with Hop! Tally up your Easter silliness and more – because I somehow didn’t place this in the right SOSN category, this will remain at 50% off throughout the week. :) Includes several sets of numbers and lots of action strips and some other “noun strips” too! Get it for $1.63 right now!

Away We Go is the biggest, most amazing collab – tons of alphas and papers and elements and doodles… seriously. This kit is a must have! With Micheline and Little Butterfly Wings – all this just $4.50 today!

Away We Go: Journaling Cards
To date these are some of my favorite journal cards. Includes 12 3×4 journaling cards +7 alternates for just $1.50

Away we go {Journal Cards}
Time for a little cross promoting! LBD was cool enough to put her Away We Go cards up for SOSN today! There are seven 3×4 cards and three 4×6 cards included – also just $1.50 today!

TLP is having a very friendly hop right now!
You can find my portion here:

Summer Tallies

An oopsy SOSN…

I couldn’t think of any more clever subject line involving this weeks SOSN bits…. Hot Messy Butterflies was the least bad. :) Regardless, there are some great deals this week for 50% off!! And then…. OMG. When I went to make the featured image? I realized….. I just had Social Butterfly in the SOSN pile. LOL

Touches for Finishing Hot Mess: Doilies

Want to know a secret? Last April I planned out a kit I was super excited about for BYOC. But I was running out of time and didn’t want to waste it. So instead I started 30 other packs… and I ended up with these bad boys. Both are 50% off through the rest of today.

One of the best collabs in history! This beautiful collab is full of interesting patterns, cool elements, and more. I love playing with Jenn and this was the perfect first project for us. Grab this *fantastic* collab for $4 through today only. 

Once Upon an Imagination
Get Set! Collab

Best. SOSN. Ever.

Hiya! It’s Wednesday once more and that means tons of fantastic savings – SOSN deals plus new Polly Picks, Trend Watch, and mega For the Love of 2013 bundles (see recent releases – some great deals there if you go to my store)!

$1.75 Originally part of the Digi Dares anniversary collaboration, Make Me Over is now available on it’s own! It’s got a new alpha duo (not part of the original) and is packed with mini kit goodness. Doodles, paper bits, word strips, and other cute things! Includes 7 (+one bonus) patterns/backgrounds, approx 30 elements, 7 doodles/stamps, and 2 alphabets.

This brand new pack of beauties includes a total of 20+ 3×4 cards (includes the variations shown in the preview) plus 2 text overlay words not shown. They coordinate with the mini above but are also fun all by themselves.

$4.00 It’s a complete travesty to call this amazing collab “old.” Far from it! This kit is exactly as we’d design it today! Full of unique patterns, an abundance of labels and tags, alphabets, and lots of pretty little things – this kit is an absolute STEAL for $4! No raise your hand if you think that it needs it’s own journal cards in the near future!

I’ve got a TON of beloved product in this Trend Watch! And they’re all 20% off right now.
Plus, if participate in the Trend Watch challenge, you could win $5. Go play!

And last but not even close to least… New Polly Picks, too! This round goes to the amazing
Amanda Cockle! She is wonderful and has some great picks. Shop her style and save 20%.

See you next Wednesday with more great SOSN deals!! xoxoxo

Once Upon an Imagination
For the Love of 2013: Everything!

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