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Halloween Bash (plus Pattern Starters 2 and a freeeeebie!)

Happy Saturday! First things first… Halloween Bash info!

There’s so much happening at The Pad this weekend…

Plus, there are games on Instagram and Pinterest, too!!

And ALL HALLOWEEN PRODUCTS ARE ON SALE!!! Including the following favorites…

I Put a Spell on You Cliff Notes: Trick or Treat Edition Thirty One: Journal Cards

In addition to the 30% off sale, there’s a new FWP from Amy Martin, Amy Wolff, CD Muckosky, Stolen Moments Design and Valorie Wibbens in store, too:

COLLAB: Boo-tiful Night

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2


Pattern Starters no.2 includes 221 really real rubber stamp impressions for decorating your pretty pages… Want Pattern Starters no.1, too? Grab both in a bundle for a ridiculous price!



Hayrides & Smiles

There’s a tiny bit of time left to snag the Hayrides & Smiles collection (part one) at 20% off!

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2ins-octbTLP-OctBYOC14-ad
I love this collection so much and I hope you do, too! Hayrides & Smiles Alphabets includes a full collection of monogrammed alphabets in multiple styles and tons of colors! The H&S Elements include a variety of lovely Fall embellishments – doodles, stamps, bits, baubles, and more! The H&S Patterns and Backgrounds is potentially my favorite paper pack of the year. Seriously. I love the rich colors and patterns and the full set of alternates is a definite bonus. Grab them all at 20% off through the end of today!

And stop by Wednesday for Hayrides & Smiles part two!



A Smorgasbord of New & Scary

This week I’ve got TONS of newness for you!

$6.99 $5.59 On Sale On Sale
Includes lots and lots of papers and elements and doodles and scribbles and alphas

You can also find these available separately:


Want an extra 10% off the already discounted price??? Use code spelled_10 to take an extra 10% off

I also have a new mobile ready font for you!!

$1.99 $1.59 On Sale On Sale

I <3 this new font. :) Available as a font, pngs, and as both! KristaGina, & Jaimee also have new mobile ready fonts this week that are amazing! And if you haven’t already, you should pick up Boobie Fight while you’re there…
100% of the proceeds go to charity. This font is especially special to us because of the incomparable Valorie Wibbens (and wouldn’t have been created without her urging) & her mother who was lost way too soon.  Coincidentally, I share a birth date with her mom, too – which is today (10/24 – for another hour)…. I’d be honored if as a Happy Birthday you’d pick up the font. xoxo

Halloween Bash last call +woodland wows!

I hope everyone is having a splendid Monday! I’m stopping by to remind you all of some stuff!

The Halloween Bash is winding down! You still have a few hours to grab Halloween goodness for 30% off!! Including my brand spanking new Cliff Notes:

Cliff Notes: Trick or Treat Edition
And don’t forget these bad boys! (and lots, lots more!)

Thirty One: Elements Thirty One: Patterns & Backgrounds Thirty One: Journal Cards
EEK! Azucar, Azucar Goth Girls

trendwatchThere’s a new Trend Watch category up and I think you’ll love it!! This time it’s
Woodland and here are some of the amazing products you can find for 20% off!

Land of Odds  retro mod Woodly Lane
Autumn Leaves Follow Me Hint of Autumn Stamps

Brand new Cliff Notes +Halloween Bash!!

So much to tell you about today! A BUNCH of sales and other excitement…. ready??!

Regular Price: $4.00 Sale Price $2.80
271 brand new clips, strips, words, and more! And right now they’re 30% off instead of 20… wanna know why?

That’s right! The Halloween Bash is going strong!! You can grab ALL Halloween related goodness for
30% off thru the 21st. In edition to the new Cliff Notes you can find:

Thirty One: Extras Bundle Thirty One: Elements
EEK! Azucar, Azucar
Goth Girls Bite Me

And more, too!!

Boobie Fight ad

Us girls had so much fun making this font – but for very serious reasons. It’s a great doodle font and I hope you’ll grab it (and enjoy it!!)Additionally, there are some new Mobile Ready fonts in the shop!! Karah, Sabrina, Lynne-Marie, CD, and Sara have new ones that are awesome!

Looking for more amazing deals? There are new Polly Picks up!! You can shop Carolee’s
style for 20% off right now! Included in her 5 PAGES of picks are some of my favorites!

There is also still time to shop the current Trend Watch! All of my stitched products are on sale there for 20% off, also


I had fun with the October 2013 BYOC palette – so much so that I had to make more! The extras bundle includes the following brand new add-ons:

Thirty One: To the Letter includes an alphabets worth of 3×4 cards //  Thirty One: Journal Cards includes 49 total designs, variations, and color ways // Thirty One: Sticky Tape includes 15 lengths of magically delicious paper tape

You can grab all three add-ons in the bundle for the price of only two of them! And today that’s only $3.25 for THREE brand new products. You can also pick them up individually, also for 50% off today!  And even better than that? All three are perfectly coordinated with Thirty One: Stars & StarsThirty One: Elements, and Thirty One: Patterns & Backgrounds

There’s a new Trend Watch category! Right now you can snag all the stitching at TLP for 20% off! Including Protected PocketsSweetie StitchesStitchy, and more! Even Chin Up is 20% off in the category!!

Looking for other amazing deals at The Lilypad? Right now you can also shop Shanna Noel’s style for 20% off in Polly Picks (my favorite paper pack is in there!), Just Jaimee – our newest resident designer (squee!!) is having a major 30% off sale in her store, and lastly, all of Amy Martin’s stitch packs are Buy One, Get One!! Phew!

If you never grabbed Imaginary Stitches for free, here’s your chance, in honor of the stitchy Trend Watch. :)

Have a wonderful, wonderful week!!


October BYOC and lots lots lots more!

It’s October. School has started. Know what that means? It means I’m sooooo sick. I’m sure I’m not alone, either. But somehow I managed to compile a very sweet and subtly spooky little collection. :)

Thirty One: Stars & Stars Thirty One: Elements

Thirty One: Patterns & Backgrounds

The 31 Collection includes three brand new packs that aren’t so spooky they can’t be used year round. I love Halloween. LOVE. And I love designing during Halloween. But I wanted to collection to be suitable for the whole year, too. Stars & Stars includes 28 stars – each comes scribbled and stitched. The Elements include a variety of dainty embellishments for prettying up your pages… and The Patterns & Backgrounds include 16 “core” papers and a selection of variations & different color ways. Yay team. Find the October 2013 BYOC collection here.

It’s Shanna’s turn at Polly Picks and you can find some of my products there on sale when you shop her lovely style.

Also make sure you stop by the current Trend Watch category!


And last but not least!

TLP-mobile-teaser Last week TLP went mobile and I’m so pleased with how well received the launch was! This week 6 more mobile ready pic fonts were released and they are SO amazing!! These are fantastic for using in Photoshop, too, but are designed and packaged specifically for downloading directly to your mobile devices for use in any photo app that utilizes custom fonts. Go check out brand new gorgeous fonts from Amy, Nisa, Mirjam, Peppermint, Heather, and Lili! All mobile ready fonts are 20% off right now.



Sugar, Sugar!

Azucar, Azucar – my nod to Día de Los Muertos – hits the store today especially for The Lilypad’s weekly “Something Old Something New” and you know what that means!  That means this huge brand new colorful kit is 50% today and ONLY today. The price will never be reduced that much again – not even during the upcoming DSD!

Azucar, Azucar


  • 17 solids
  • 12 patterned backs
  • 84 handdrawn & realistic elements
  • 24 doodles
  • and 1 alpha in eleven colors!!!

$3.50 today!!!!!  And man, let me tell you…. quite along time ago I came across these gorgeous vector sugar skulls during some huge bulk vector sale. I was all, NICE, that’d save time.  I’ve never used a single one of those vectors. LOL  They’re .eps files, first of all which generally means they’re filled – not stroked – which generally means you either use them as they’re drawn, being content to simply change colors, or you don’t use them at all.

So when I was asked to participate in a very exciting Dia de Los Muertos collab 3-way I was like “DING!” This won’t be too much extra difficult drawing because I have those wonderful sugar skull vectors and they’re perfect as is.


Nothin’ is ever that easy, is it? They’re badass designs, whoever did them, but I didn’t love the random non-uniform line thickness and some other stuff and as they’re not editable to that extent guess what I got to do anyways? I ended up still having to re-draw – from scratch – every bit of every doodled element. Just like always. I don’t know why I thought I could be satisfied to stick with someone elses vision this far in.

No biggie expect we had something like 3 days to complete the collab. Ha! Those that know me know that’s an unlikely outcome from me. I’m just too slow. So in the end the portion had to be rounded out into a full kit. And there you have it. Azucar, Azucar!

Little hint, though? Want a doubly awesome Day of the Dead kit – that coordinates?!?!?!?! Go see Jacque and Michelle’s GORGEOUS collab that shares a color palette!   Also? Newsletter subscribers are about to get a free kit. Ha!

Bite Me

Seriously. Really.  Do it.

At the very least look at my kit with my biggest design crush evah!!

Wapow! 20 papers, a ton of elements, alphas, strips…. it’s so good you’ll be content to stay human just awhile longer. ;)

For really reals, tho.  I have Val’s stuff back when she was Spotted Dog at Storytellers.  Some of the very first stuff I actually bought! And yes, I giggled like a school girl every time she emailed me with kit business.

Want a freebie?

Are you sure?

Also – I haven’t forgotten Montana’s feature. I had the brilliant idea that it would be completely awesome if I doodled in eyeliner for Bite Me and scan it.  And then left it on my scanner.  My scanner is now covered in eyeliner.  But I got a ridiculous new camera for my birthday last week (ack 32!) so her feature is coming THIS weekend.  (she won’t let me just not do it)  And I have it on good authority that she’s throwing together a freebie.  Yay

Love to you all – Allison

Storewide sale and the coolest grab bag E.V.E.R.

Don’t miss that!!!! Don’t forget there are new products at the end of my store from before I moved everything over!!

Now on to the coolest grab bag I’ve ever, ever made – part of it collaborating with my super artistic daughter Montana (who I’ll be featuring on my blog this weekend!)This Halloween-esque treat bag is filled with FIVE FULL SIZED PRODUCTS!!! The price for this as a grab bag is crazy and works out to $1 per product! Eventually it’ll be broken up but for now it’s all together and dirt cheap.

Want to know what’s in it??

  • Maniacal Monograms – a full glittering alpha with letters, numbers, and a couple of symbols…. each a bit over 3 inches tall!  (reg. $2.75)
  • Pumpkin Head Stamps – a set of nine dripping pumpkin faces plus a glittering version of each (reg. $2.50)
  • Hot Scary Mess – a scarier version of the popular Hot Mess collection including 8 super hot, super scary, and super messy papers (reg. $3.00)
  • Goth Girls – I asked my own resident goth girl to dummy down her amazing artwork and give me a scribbly half hazard set of spooky illustrations and she delivered. Includes a variety of brushes/stamps and paper elements, some with colored versions, too! (reg. $3.75)
  • Goth Girls: the Papers – Possibly my favorite paper pack ever, these old stained papers are adorned by some of the above illustrations and include 8 seriously unique background papers (reg. $3.00)

Stay tuned for a feature with the kid this weekend and next week for another very vampy collab!!  Enjoy the storewide sale!!  Allison