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Word to Your Mother

Happy Friday! Man, what a week… First, thank you so much to all of you who entered the giveaway!! I’m so surprised and excited by the response. The first winner has been notified and I’m still waiting for her response before I move thru the list and announce them. Yay!

This week I’ve got a new pack in one of my favorite collections ever and it’s at………. One Story Down! You may remember that I had just started a guest spot a couple months ago at OSD literally the week the store crashed and vanished. Well, the new OSD ladies were kind enough to ask if I wanted to come try again so here we go…

Pack 4 in the Cliff Notes series, this week I have the Word to Your Mother Edition:
FOLDERThis pack is CRAMMED full of tongue in cheek word bits, phrases, clips and even a couple brushes devoted to Mom. More than 200! There’s something in there for everyone and I had lots of laughs with the kids going thru stacks of old ads, books, and even some old Mother’s Day cards I’ve had laying around for years, too!  And it’s on sale this weekend for only $3.20

Also this weekend the Good Stuff add-on has come home to roost at TLP after partying it’s way thru The Daily Digi’s NSD email party…
FOLDERThis little page kit is perfectly coordinated with the rest of For the Love of 2013 and is the baby sister of the upcoming FULLLLL kit, Good Stuff. It’s got a sweet selection of papers and bits, brushes too! Snag it for 20% off this weekend if you didn’t score it over NSD weekend.

See you tomorrow <3 Al