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Don’t lose your Google Reader subs!

Hiya! In a couple short weeks Google Reader will cease to exist. Which means those eight thousand RSS feeds you’ve subscribed to via Google Reader are about to go bye-bye. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wanted to beat myself with a hammer at the thought of having to transfer all of those feeds one by one… Solution, thy name is Bloglovin

bl-1If you have a bloglovin’ account already simply login. Otherwise, smile big and join!¬†

bl-2Click your pretty face and from the drop-down click “settings” bl-3Scroll down & click “import blogs”

bl-4Click “import from google reader” and on the next screen “accept”


The import process will take more or less time depending on how many feeds you currently have in¬†Google Reader. I started using bloglovin’ instead several months ago so I don’t have many left. Either way, it’s quick!

bl-7DONE! You’ve now saved all you Google Reader feeds from extinction!