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Talking Chalk and more Polly Picks

Happy September 18th! It’s Wednesday once more and that means more goodies at 50% off for SOSN. This week there’s lots of good stuff in category SOSN and here is what I have for you…

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2FOLDERAfter a few requests here is Chatty Chalk Pendants v.2! These shiny silver beauties include a wide variety of hangage and number stamps to make your own multi digit tags. $1.50 thru Wednesday

Chatty Chalk Pendants V.1 Grab v.1 for $1.50 today, too!

There are new Polly Picks in the store today! The lovely Heather (heathergw) has chosen some of her go-to favorites and they’re 20% off thru to next week. You can find my Duly Noted Tabs and Laura Loves Instax among her picks (thanks Heather!) Also going on this week is Trend Watch – Wood. See my last post for all my Trend Watch products or visit the current Trend Watch category.

Trend Watch – Wood

Hello Monday! This week The Lilypad has started a new series that’s fantastic for many reasons. First, you’ll find more stuff to love! Second, amazing inspiration! And third…….. SALE! Trend Watch will showcase scrapbooking trends weekly and to kick it off:


I’m not sure why I’ve been so drawn to woodgrain in both my work and my personal layouts but I definitely love it. I’ve got several products in the Trend Watch category this week:

Wooded Chin Up Good Stuff  Here Again: Wooded Backgrounds Daddio Sunday GirlSunday Girl: Painted Wood FTLOA: Withering Wood For the Love of Alphas 2011: The Building Blocks

All of these are 20% off this week! Be sure to check out the whole Trend Watch category for more great wood graininess. And here’s a cool wood alpha I made a couple months ago when I was contributing to another blog:



Some of my favorite things…

A new month and a new bundle. Not bad, huh? Better late than never – there are still a few hours left to snag the following new releases for 20% off. I’ve been battling substitute monitors this week and – fingers crossed – that’s about to come to an end.

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2BUNDLE8-600Yay!! I love tape and wood and Polaroids so this is maybe my favorite bundle. As always, buying the bundle means you get all three products for the price of only two!! But they’re also available on their own. :)

Taped v.3 Painted Polaroids Wooded

Taped v.3 includes 20 lengths of fabulously transparent tape; Painted Frames includes 9 paint dipped Polaroids; Wooded v.1 includes 10 stained, painted, and trashed wood backgrounds! Want some special help with transparent tape shadows???? Go check out the tutorial here —->>>>> Patterned Transparent Tape Shadowing

Bloggy_--coming soon--_2Of course a new month means a new BYOC coming this Friday! And after that there’s some SERIOUSLY cool new collections launching at TLP! I can’t tell you anything but I’m super excited. For a chance to win my whole BYOC collection this month OR a chance to win my products from a super top secret upcoming collection hop on over to my FB page and answer the poll. You can find my FB link over in the sidebar.

Still emphatic…

Who DOESN’T want to kick off their weekend with (20% off) 194 journal decoratin’ brushes? I know I do. This week I’ve got exactly that! The 2nd coming of the Emphatic Brushes from the 2011 collection:


Still Emphatic includes 194 accent brushes to get your point across! In png and abr format, these brushes have a hand painted charm that both destroyed my current mani and wormed it’s way into my heart. Be on the looksie for more painted packs in the future. :)

And if you don’t already have the original Emphatic brushes you can snag ’em now for 50% off with this code, for the next week: needmoreemphatic

Karah Fredericks is the featured sponsor this week and this weeks dare was a good one for me – I always have a hard time scrapping my (step)son and I especially have a hard time scrapping anything related to our rough start:

credits: Karah Fredericks: Stay There; Wicked Smart;  Allison Pennington: Anchored;  Heather Hess: The Dry Ribbon (font);  date stamps by Amber Clegg (retired) and painted alpha by Audrey Neal

This month, in honor of the Dares anniversary, if you play along in 2 dares you get our anniversary collaboration for free! Here’s the sneak peek (not all shown!):

Guess what happens next week? BYOC!!!! But I’ll see you before that with a sticky DIY, SOSN, a super Lush indie polish, and more! xoxo Allison

Cards are good stuff…

This week for Something Old, Something New I have a very new mini pack of journaling cards and they’re less than $1.50!
This mini set of journaling cards coordinates with the entire For the Love of 2013 collection as well as the Good Stuff kit and add-on!
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A Not So Very Big Post….


omgomgomgomgomg… I was all, ok, season finale’s great and all but wtf is klaus…. BAM…

Okay, back to relevant things like alphas and super duper bundles… This week One Story Down released the May Anthologie and it’s fabulous. All the designers and guests created some amazing products for this collections and they were nice enough to let me play along…

FOLDER3The newest alpha in the Very Small collection is Not So Very Small at all. It’s got hand stamped charm and includes letters a to z and numbers 1 to 9 (the O and 0 are the same character). It’s 20% off the rest of today and will be at OSD for the remainder of my guest spot.

Also this week I have For the Love of 2013: Bundle 5 +each of it’s products are available on their own

Bundle 5 includes 3 brand new products that coordinate with the rest of this years collection:
Plastic'd v.1 Storyteller Strips v.1 Heavenly Houndstooth v.5
Plastic’d v.1, Storyteller Strips v.1, and Heavenly Houndstooth v.5 are all available 3 for the price of 2 when purchased in the bundle but are also available individually. 10 full alphas, 50 prompt/title strips, and 21 papers for $4.80 (or $6 after Sunday)… can’t beat it.As you probably know, every Wednesday at TLP there are a variety of products old and new for sale at 50% off. I’ve never really sent a newsletter on those days because I’m wary of flooding your inboxes with newsletters on two days. But some subscribers have expressed interest in a Wednesday newsletter also. Because of this I’ve made a new list and you can subscribe here if you want to also get newsletters on Wednesdays and not miss the 50% off lottery!

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