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Hope in soap form…

I learned several things this weekend. 1) NO ONE stays dead on Vampire Diaries. No. One. 2) Spiders can swim. Even if they’re coated in Lysol. Even after you throw hand sanitizer at them. And miss….. and 3) Mother’s Day was today. Not next week. Whoopsies.

But that’s okay because I’ve successfully gotten a household of six excited about washing their face. That includes the main culprit. A 12 year old boy with wicked hair and an aversion to all things rational. All four of our children – even the above mentioned 12 year old I didn’t have the pleasure of giving birth to – were gifted with naturally good skin. (you’re welcome.)  But that doesn’t mean that if one of them actively refuses to wash his face that he won’t pay the consequences. He will and he has. We’ve tried manly store bought stuffs. Pretends he’s in their washing his face. Stridex pads. “… it stings!” We’ve tried everything. Brett even tricked him into going to work with him one day and got him a facial. (it was actually called a “teen facial” but I can’t say that with a straight face. Because I’m a child.) No luck. The last straw was chasing him around with a “zit spoon” I snagged on Ebay from China for .99 cents. (free shipping, too!!)

And then there was hope. While searching an indie store I’d heard about (they had delightfully dirty named polish!!) I came across something that looked like packed brown sugar called the Zit Zapper bar at Disturbing Behavior. Intrigued I read more about it and placed my first order. And here’s how it went…


I ordered the Pink Coffee Chill Pill bar, the Solid Everything Balm, and the 2.5 oz Zit Zapper bar.  She was nice enough to also send me some fabulous samples of her Lemongrass Soap, Raw Raw Butter, and Hempo Massage Cream.  Let me tell you, there is not a single one of these that I’m not utterly attached to now.

The Pink Coffee Chill Pill is just plain cute. It’s an adorable 1 oz bar that I got just for me. I was hesitant the first time I took this into the shower. I’m finicky about soap and normally hate this kind of thing. Recently I got a Glossy Box (I still don’t know who sent it!!) and it had an extremely pricey ($18!) bar of Prestiche’s Green Machine in it. I have to tell you, I hated it. It made my skin tight and dry. This is usually the case with special soap bars. So my hopes weren’t high with the Chill Pill. BOY was I wrong. I love, love, love this little bar of soap. I take it out of the shower every time so no one else can use it! It leaves my skin moisturized and soft, doesn’t have a crazy scent, and has lasted far longer than I’d have expected it to. Unfortunately it’s not in stock as I post this but there’s several new soaps listed that I’m excited to try and if you’re looking for an alternative Chill Pill there’s also the Lemon-Lemon Balm/Eucalyptus Chill Pill. I haven’t had a chance to use the Lemongrass Soap yet because I just found it after hiding it in a safe place. Oops! But it smells really good.


Originally I planned to use the Everything Balm for what is now named Project Elbow but for the first week I alternated all three. Surprisingly, I ended up most in love with the Raw Raw Butter. My left elbow is screwed so this was no small victory. I don’t use a computer chair, I sit on a love-seat with my monitor on a TV tray I got at Target a million years ago. The constant friction and pressure from the fabric under that elbow has left it raw, red, and painful. It’s gross. And the Raw Raw has soothed it with barely a finger swipe a day. It includes raw, unrefined Shea butter and a trio of other oils. The site warns that it has a slight musty, nutty scent which is why I didn’t buy it at first but I found the scent to be almost nonexistent. You can use it on anything, including hair and nails. It’s fantastic. I’m buying a full size next.

The Everything Balm has taken over my hips, tummy, and rear. :) I’ve used it on some old raised scars, too. Wow. This stuff works on everything. It soothes, heals, and is full of vitamins and other great stuff. It’s got a refreshing,


subtle, lemony scent. Unfortunately, because it’s awesome, the Solid Everything Balm isn’t in stock right now. However, the Whipped Everything Balm is in stock and is the same except, well, whipped.  And it’s bigger, I think.

I haven’t had cause to use the Hempo cream much yet but it’s got a nice smooth texture. It comes in 2 sizes and is perfect for scars, burns, flaky skin, and even fights perspiration!  The butters and creams are all amazing. Seriously. At first I was all, WOW those are tiny, but they are PACKED and it’s not an exaggeration when I tell you that a finger swipe across the top is all you need. I keep these beauties in the butter door in the fridge because they do melt. But it doesn’t impact their purpose at all. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Dimply Butt Butter.

And now for the best soap on the planet. The Zit Zapper Bar. I talked it up while we waited for it to arrive and by the time it did everyone was chomping at the bit to use it. It’s got a boy friendly scent and isn’t all girly which helped me convince the above named stubborn boy to use it. From the first use we were all hooked. It lathers easy, smells good, doesn’t dry, exfoliates, rinses well, and most importantly, leaves your face clean and blemish free. He ASKS to wash his face now. Our other son has deemed it “Hippie Face Soap” and leaves reminder notes for himself.


Even our picky teenage daughters like it!  This stuff is gold. She suggests instead of using the whole bar to wash your face to slice off a small piece to lather in your hand instead. Why have I never thought of this before? It makes the soap last much longer. Plus, what’s left can be stuck back on the bar. Genius. Disturbing Behavior also offers 2 other kinds of face soap. The milder Zit-Fighter Crunchy Black Soap and the stronger Ultimate ZIT Fighter Bar (this also comes in a smaller size). I went with the one I did because it was in the middle but they’re all black soap based with cocoa butter, oatmeal, and a host of other good stuff. We got ours about a month ago and still have half a bar!!

Disturbing Behavior also offers a bunch of other stuff including beautiful handmade jewelry and inappropriately named nail polish in a variety of colors and all 3free – which I’m dying to get my paws on for one of the upcoming polish posts.  In the last month tons of new soaps and cremes have been added including the top of my wishlist, the Lavender Sugar Cubes, and super dreamy Melon Poppy Soap. Shipping is reasonable, $2.50 for the first item and .50 cents each additional. The owner is extremely helpful and very friendly, too! I suggest snagging these products fast because they go quick. I’ve no doubt you’ll be as pleased as I am.

*this review is my honest opinion. i was not compensated for it in any way.