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I’m super excited to share all of this DSD excitement with you guys!! Are you ready?

First up, BYOC! I have to say, I LOVE designing for Fall. Part 1 of the October Morning collection includes 3 packs:

October Morning: Seasonal Character includes a smart beveled alphabet in 10 color ways! Includes individual pngs (this is my favorite alpha, btw)

October Morning: Elements is an eclectic mix of 90+ embellishments! Lots of leaves and flowers, labels in many colors, and lots of other good stuff, too.

October Morning: Patterns & Backgrounds include 12 patterns and 25 (!) alternates! A set of shabby solids are also included!!  Watch out for Part 2 next week!


365 Days of Journal Cards includes BYOC journal card packs from October 2016 through September 2017!! Save 70% and get the whole thing for just $12.99 until Monday :)

Yay!! A new SUPER SPECIAL MINI BUNDLE!!!!! Until Monday, you can grab SSMB #5 for $3 and get alllllll 31 packs. You wanna know a secret? Most of these packs have never been released before this and won’t be released outside this bundle. I’ve been slowly stockpiling extra element packs, unreleased products, mindless doodles, and more for the last year. Here’s just 4 of the brand new, unreleased packs included:


And make sure to check out Super Special Mini Bundles 1 – 4 which are all just $2 until Monday!!

IT’S HEEEERE!!! DSD 2016!!!



Okay, I have SO much to share with you! Besides a crazy storewide sale of 30% off, I have a collab with an amazing designer, a FWP, a Pick a Prize chance x2, several bundles, and new products, too! Wowza. 


Let’s kick this off with the collab….


I was so excited to get to work with LBW again! She is spectacularly talented. This peppy planner collection includes 2 full print ready sticker sheets with cut files (with different box sizes!), 5 tabbed dividers (that are awesome!), grocery list insert, weekly list insert, month on 2 page inserts, and week on 2 page inserts…. all for FOUR popular planner sizes with a focus on versatile, everyday life planning! I love the mix of our styles and I know you won’t be disappointed. 

And I had so much fun with this that I kept going! 
folder$2.56 $3.65 (save 30%)

With a ton of alternate color ways included, this pack goes on

well past 24 hours. Includes a happy mix of 3×4 and 4×6 cards.

folder$2.56 $3.65 (save 30%)

The Another 24 Hours patterns & backgrounds are great for traditional
scrapbooking (both digi and hybrid) but I was also extra careful with pattern and
scale because I wanted these to also work effortlessly
as planner dividers, covers, etc. Includes 30 total papers!

So that covers the new goodies…. ready for DSD specific madness? Because I’ve got lots. Super Special Mini Bundles 1 through 3 are back on only $2 each throughout the DSD sale:

ssmballAll 3 bundles are only around throughout the sale so grab them fast because they each include more that 20 mini packs and are an exceptional deal. :)

And brand new for this DSD only:


That is all my BYOC journal cards packs from October 2015 through September 2016 for $6. WHAT?! Follow the link and check out the total contents because all together this bundle, with a years worth of seasons and themes and subjects, includes OVER 290 JOURNAL CARDS!!! 

Did you see this weekends Free With Purchase? Of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams Part 2 is overflowing with dreamy goodness and is yours for free with any $15 purchase. (it’s so pretty – I love this palette!)  And if you happened to miss Part 1 from the blog hop you can grab it this weekend for just $5

Lastly….. How about a little Dreamy freebie?


So, there you have it. In between shopping rampages check out the TLP DSD forum for A POLLY CALL, challenges, fun, and the return of Pick Your Prize threads! You can find mine HERE – one winner will be chosen at random to receive the prize of their choosing! Additionally, I will choose a random winner, too. That’s 2x the chance to PICK YOUR PRIZE!


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!

BOOOOM!!! It is here. The December Memory Pockets Monthly collection!!!! Which means a new HUGE subscriber kit and an abundance of add-ons! But first… BF sales info:


Good stuff! Keep reading for a list of all that is wicked cheap today (in addition to a STOREWIDE 30% off sale!)…

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2Memory Pockets Monthly: JOY

With a mix of 30 journal cards in both horizontal and vertical orientations, print files for every card, 99 elements, a photo template, alphabet, cut files and print files for all hybrid friendly bits, square cards, solid papers, etc, this is a remarkable deal at $10.49 now for non-subscribers! But if you subscribe for $8.99 a month you get this whole kit FREE. SERIOUSLY! And you get 35% off all add-ons! WHAT?!

Pick up Joy for $10.49 ||| Subscribe for $8.99

Want to see my brand new add-ons??


Stamp Tramp: Overjoyed Edition includes a near ridiculous amount of handmade rubber stamp impressions – including multi part stamps so you can easily control the color of Santa’s hat or Frosty’s scarf, for example, and dynamic stamps, too, for easy peasy confetti and sprinkly snow.


These pretties are $2.45 today!


Overjoyed: So Transparent includes a collection of super pretty hybrid friendly transparent cards for printing on acetate, etc…. also includes digital versions for digital scrappers. :)  Bleed and no-bleed versions included.  $2.56 during the sale!

Overjoyed: Patterns & Backgrounds

Overjoyed: Patts & Backs includes 12 12×12 pretty papers and an extra special 16 alternates for just $2.56 thru the sale!


The following products are 40 to 60% off today!!

Playful Stitches  In Summer.y Bubble Brushes

Rain, Rain: Patterns & Backgrounds  Flock Together
$1.83                                              $3.50

Careless & Painted Lines  Easy Eclectic v.3

Make sure you stop by on Monday for another group of 40 to 60% (really!!!!)



For the Merry Days: Icy & Snowy Numeral Freebie go back a post!!! Newsletter peoples are about to get an exclusive set of cards, too!!!

Happy Black Friday!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO



There’s still time to save on Friday’s DYD releases!!! I have even more DYD releases coming this week (holy crap – did you Portlanders HEAR THAT?! Loudest thunder clap ever…) but here is the Friday trio…

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2Merry Days: Numerals

This HUGE set of DYD numerals are as varied as they are functional… sure, they’re perfect for numbering your gorgeous DYD pages but they’re also the perfect addition to layouts all year long. 8 FULL sets included for just $2.92 through the weekend.

Merry Days: Trinkets

This years Trinkets include a wild variety of bits and baubles, perfect for layering, scattering, clustering, and otherwise decorating your pretty pages. Not all shown. $2.60 through today!


The Merry Days Patts & Backs include a total of 40 papers – solids, patterns, backgrounds, alts, and more… Here’s a peek:


I can’t wait to show you Wednesday’s additions!! To hold you over, here’s a frosty little addition…



Hayrides & Smiles

There’s a tiny bit of time left to snag the Hayrides & Smiles collection (part one) at 20% off!

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2ins-octbTLP-OctBYOC14-ad
I love this collection so much and I hope you do, too! Hayrides & Smiles Alphabets includes a full collection of monogrammed alphabets in multiple styles and tons of colors! The H&S Elements include a variety of lovely Fall embellishments – doodles, stamps, bits, baubles, and more! The H&S Patterns and Backgrounds is potentially my favorite paper pack of the year. Seriously. I love the rich colors and patterns and the full set of alternates is a definite bonus. Grab them all at 20% off through the end of today!

And stop by Wednesday for Hayrides & Smiles part two!



July BYOC!!!

Happy 4th to you (and happy 47th to The Hairdresser on Saturday!)! July BYOC is here and I love it. I started with a totally different collection (which has been re-assigned with a new palette and will release later!) and somehow while painting I picked up a straw and started blowing on paint globs and before I knew it I was outside in 98 degree weather covered in bubbles and paint with my neighbors staring at me. Good stuff! Ready?

First up! In Summer.y Bubble Brushes! These are so much fun! 19 bursts of colorful bubbles in their original color and in black! Plus a bonus bubble print in just black that’s extra big! These are in brush and png format.

In Summer.y Note Cards

Next up, In Summer.y Note Cards! These 12+ journal cards are fresh, clean, and ready to document your everyday. 16 cards in all plus most come with and without texture!

In Summer.y Patterns & Backgrounds

Last up, the In Summer.y Patterns & Backgrounds! OMG. I love these. These vibrant papers covered in unique prints, geometric patterns, florals, etc, and include a variety of textures. 16 bonus alternate variations are also included. Yay for extra paper!!  Stay tuned Wednesday for part 2 of this collection with extra packs at 50% off!

Retirement Sale 2014

I’m retiring 28 much love products from my store – I tried to retire more but I just couldn’t do it! Eek! I love them all too much. Maybe I’m too attached…. Snap up these 28 packs before it’s too late! For 50% off, too! If you want to see all of my retiring products at once just enter AKP RETIRE in the search box.   :)

As for the rest of the hundreds and hundreds of retiring products?!

I can NOT believe some of the stuff retiring. Seriously. I literally ransacked the store in a fit of mad panic. You don’t want to miss out! And while you’re there make sure you check out the amazing Sucali’s Polly Picks and the current Trend Watch (Kraft!!) Lots & lots of great stuff on sale in there.

See you next week with a game changing collaboration that’s a long
time coming and a new For the Love of 2014 Bundle! I can’t wait!!

For the Love of EVERYTHING: 2011 Collection
Flock Together: Journal Cards

Birds of a Feather…. +freebies!

Flock Together
After making it’s debut in the February ’14 edition of Scrap Stack’s Scrap Pack, Flock Together
has come home to roost! Grab it this weekend for 20% off, or grab just the papers for the same!

And with St. Pat’s Day coming up and because it’s been one of those weeks,
I’m sharing newsletter exclusives with you, too!

Happy Birthday, Lilypad!

This week I’ve got For the Love of 2014: Bundle 2 for you! All 3 of this week’s packs for
the price of only 2! 30 papers, 66 word bits, and 2 templates for only $4.20 this week!


And if you don’t need the bundle? All 3 are also available on their own. Boisterous Bursts v.4
includes 30 vibrant patterned papers, Storyteller Strips v.2 includes 66 happy word bits, and Easy
Eclectic v.3 includes 2 layered templates. Each of these packs is only $2.10 this weekend.

Also new this week for Special Saturday?

This alphabet includes birthday candles in 10 colors! Letters, numbers, and separate
wick and flame for easy building. In honor of TLP’s 7th birthday, Blow Out is 50% off
this weekend only!

Spend $15 at TLP and you’ll snag this AMAZING collaboration for free! Not even close
to all shown in the preview. This collab is fantastic – I’m so excited to use it!!

This super exciting 12 week challenge is going to be
awesome! And I think you’ll love what comes with it!!

For the Love of 2014

For the Love of 2014: Bundle 1

You know you’re excited! :P It’s the first bundle of this years collection, in the 2014 palette, and
I’m SO excited!!!! Get all 3 packs in Bundle One for the price of only 2!! Or snag them on their own…

Look! Stitches!

First up… Look! Stitches! includes 10 stitched bits EACH in 11 colors.

Carded v.6: Started

Carded vol.6: Started includes a total 40 3×4 journal cards! Shinnnnny….

Charming Chevrons v.4

And finally, Charming Chevrons vol.4 is full of 30 chevron patterned papers – so wild
and so cheerful there’s no way they won’t perk up any layout you throw them at. Each pack
is $3 ($2.40 thru the weekend) on their own. Ready for a trip down memory lane?

I’ve been doing this For the Love of thing since the day I debuted as a designer – with Artful Argyles the first! It’s morphed and grown and last year was the most fun I’ve ever had. I got rid of all my rules (papers had to be with papers, alphas with alphas, etc – and if it didn’t fit into a nice trio or holiday pack? It didn’t get to exist… I’m anal retentive that way) and decided that I could make whatever I wanted to make in the palette and bunch them together however I chose! I had so much fun and we ended up with a ridiculously massive For the Love of 2013 collection. So I thought to myself…. perhaps I could get all matchy matchy on the end of the year bundles. You know… for old times sake. :)
For the Love of 2013: All the Alphas For the Love of 2013: All the Cards For the Love of 2013: All the Kits
For the Love of 2013: All the Elements For the Love of 2013: All the Paper
For the Love of 2013: Everything!
Yep! You can grab All the Alphas, All the Cards, All the Kits, All the Elements, All the Papers, or
EVERYTHING for one crazy price. They’re all bundled up nice and happy with a cool 40% discount.
Except the Everything bundle. That one is a whoppin’ 60% off the total. You save just a few bucks
shy of $100 buying that one. And it even includes this super paper pack that’s never been released!

Until now….

Those that get my Friday newsletter just got this treat in their inboxes!! Don’t subscribe?
Don’t fret. Signing up will still get you this pack for free in the final welcome email. :)

Are you playing along with this years Month of Challenges? I’m catching up right now and they’re so inspiring and so, so much fun! Plus, one of ’em even has a fab Val Wibbens freebie!!!  There’s a new Trend Watch up, too!

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