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The Way We Were(n’t) vol. 12 & stuff…

What I’ve learned this week: It’s never good when your out of town teenager tells you that she & her brother are going to be YouTube sensations – especially when it’s followed by a frantic text that her phone is in the toilet; dust allergies & summer don’t mix; Lauren Reid is still badass; and that it’s perfectly attractive to live in your pjs all week!

New this week:


Includes 16+ leftovers & castoffs from recent kits and experiments!

Also this week I finally released options for Professional Use. I can’t tell you how often I get asked about for profit blog use and other similar stuff and I’ve never known quite how to answer. So I finally buckled down and put it together. Two different options: Single Product & 12 Month Multi-Product


This weeks Dare was SO much fun. Rather than the usual dare requirements this week Karah focused on a technique dare. This was a total stretch for me but I love scrapping Zorro, my nephew, and I really like my page. Go play along and try to win gift certificates from out AMAZING June sponsors!


You have until 10:00pm (EST) next Thursday (7/4) to post a link to your layout in the comments here to be entered to win one of this week’s prizes. Our Random Pick receives a $10 coupon from TWO of our darer/designers. And the Darer’s Choice will receive a $10 coupon from EACH of our four sponsors for that month!  That means you have a chance to win up to $40 in coupons just for playing along!