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Another little giveaway….

Time for another first come first served coupon giveaway…

This code is good for ONE kit of your choosing (collabs excluded), it’s got one use so good luck! I added 3 more uses!!


Also go check out the special Saturday releases!

I’ve been so excited to get to release this to everyone!! This kit was the Featured Designer kit in August at DST for their gold/diamond members and it’s massive.  One of the biggest kits I’ve ever made.  It’s also available broken up with just papers, doodles, and alpha.

<—————-look over at the sidebar in the DSD 2011 category to follow all of the goings on (going ons?  whatever…) and info on the drawings, etc

Bite Me

Seriously. Really.  Do it.

At the very least look at my kit with my biggest design crush evah!!

Wapow! 20 papers, a ton of elements, alphas, strips…. it’s so good you’ll be content to stay human just awhile longer. ;)

For really reals, tho.  I have Val’s stuff back when she was Spotted Dog at Storytellers.  Some of the very first stuff I actually bought! And yes, I giggled like a school girl every time she emailed me with kit business.

Want a freebie?

Are you sure?

Also – I haven’t forgotten Montana’s feature. I had the brilliant idea that it would be completely awesome if I doodled in eyeliner for Bite Me and scan it.  And then left it on my scanner.  My scanner is now covered in eyeliner.  But I got a ridiculous new camera for my birthday last week (ack 32!) so her feature is coming THIS weekend.  (she won’t let me just not do it)  And I have it on good authority that she’s throwing together a freebie.  Yay

Love to you all – Allison

Storewide sale and the coolest grab bag E.V.E.R.

Don’t miss that!!!! Don’t forget there are new products at the end of my store from before I moved everything over!!

Now on to the coolest grab bag I’ve ever, ever made – part of it collaborating with my super artistic daughter Montana (who I’ll be featuring on my blog this weekend!)This Halloween-esque treat bag is filled with FIVE FULL SIZED PRODUCTS!!! The price for this as a grab bag is crazy and works out to $1 per product! Eventually it’ll be broken up but for now it’s all together and dirt cheap.

Want to know what’s in it??

  • Maniacal Monograms – a full glittering alpha with letters, numbers, and a couple of symbols…. each a bit over 3 inches tall!  (reg. $2.75)
  • Pumpkin Head Stamps – a set of nine dripping pumpkin faces plus a glittering version of each (reg. $2.50)
  • Hot Scary Mess – a scarier version of the popular Hot Mess collection including 8 super hot, super scary, and super messy papers (reg. $3.00)
  • Goth Girls – I asked my own resident goth girl to dummy down her amazing artwork and give me a scribbly half hazard set of spooky illustrations and she delivered. Includes a variety of brushes/stamps and paper elements, some with colored versions, too! (reg. $3.75)
  • Goth Girls: the Papers – Possibly my favorite paper pack ever, these old stained papers are adorned by some of the above illustrations and include 8 seriously unique background papers (reg. $3.00)

Stay tuned for a feature with the kid this weekend and next week for another very vampy collab!!  Enjoy the storewide sale!!  Allison

“New” & $2.25 for SOSN!!

I know for many of us it’s Halloween season and I have new creepy stuff coming as it gets closer including two collabs (one’s with my daughter!!!)… but today for Something Old, Something New at The Lilypad I definitely have something New!


This fresh & clean mini is brand spanking new and 50% off ($2.25!!) for SOSN 10/19. Comes complete with doodles, elements, 8 patterned papers, and even a full alpha!!!!

I’ve got a Secret…

Actually I have TWO secrets.

The first? A brand new HUGE kit, just for you. :)

This kit is packed to a ridiculous extent – 26 papers, an almost stupid amount of elements, strips, word art, doodles, alpha….. lots. of. stuff. And you can have it at 20% off right now.

Here are just a couple randomly chosen layouts from my ladies (and me!)

And now for the *big* secret…. after almost a year and a half at CatScrap – a place where I’ve been both supported and inspired (and comfy) (and happy) (and surrounded by awesome chicks) – the time has come…..

On October 1st I will be opening up at a whole new store. So head over to CatScrap and see what I’m taking (lots) and what I’m leaving.  You’ll find 25% off everything coming with and some bigger discounts and retiring items.  Not everything will be available right away so if there’s something you’ve got your eye on that you don’t want to chance having to wait for…. snag it now. Also some changes that you should know about – all 2010 “For the Love of” products will only be available in their bundles.  Just as when the 2012 collection releases all 2011 packs will only be available in their bundles. So if there’s a single pack you want from the 2010 releases GRAB!!   Discount reflected in the cart.

And as I’m loading and zipping and all that I’m wondering. Kits….. I know that I have some loyal customers that sometimes only buy the paper or the alpha or the doodles, etc and that’s why I’ve always made my kits available broken up in addition to all together. But I’m considering only releasing them  as full kits. Thoughts? Email me or leave a comment below with your preference. I want to make sure things are available however they’re needed.

Are you excited to see where I’m going?

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