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DISCOVER Freebies & New Stuff & More!

2 weeks in a row?! Nice! I have much to tell you so let’s get to it!


Memory Pockets Monthly DISCOVER is here! And that means add-ons from us, too! Don’t forget – subscribers to MPM get 35% off off all add-ons in addition to all the awesome above. Want to see this month’s add-ons?

This month we have Clippy Tabs for both digi & hybrid, Pocket Pockets in tons of colors and styles, and a very Curious pack of paper! All 3 are bright and cheerful and a great fit for any stash. They also have the added benefit of being great for boy pages, too! My MPM pals have some amazing add-ons too – here’s just a couple of them:

I have to tell you, working with these other designers each month is inspiring! They are so good! Ready to hear about this week at Summer School?


Paper Mail is on sale till 7/24! If you missed it when it released last Friday, don’t fret! You can still snag it on sale. And of course, a week about paper wouldn’t be complete without a storewide paper sale! All paper packs are 35% off the remainder of the weekend.

It’s also Christmas in July right now which means all Winter & DYD & Christmas goodness is 35% off, too!

I told you – lots going on at TLP right now! And before you go make sure you grab last the Paper Mail Solids if you haven’t already!


Have a great weekend!

SOSN: Hybrid Forever

What is it about this time of year? I love the weather… hate the rampant illness. As I’ve bored with previously, my sweet baby boy, my youngest – who is 12 1/2 – has mono. Just as we thought we had gotten off easy BOOM. The mono rash hit. Have you seen the mono rash? Head to toe, every bit of skin. His whole face is swollen. And so is his…. spleen. Yeah. Swollen spleen. It’s spectacular. Unfortunately he’s the only one of our four that is NOT rejoicing in missing weeks of school. He’s also possibly the best patient ever. :) Enough about me – ready for your deals?

As promised, 20 hybrid flag wraps. Just print, cut, wrap around
the safety pin, paper clip, etc, of your choosing and ENJOY!

Also new and 50% off, the plain cutting files!
29 svg files for your cutting machines

My portion of the November 2011 BYOC is also 50% off today!
You can get these typewrite strips for only $1.50, plus…

You can get these Patterns & Backgrounds for only $1.50, too!

Lastly, there’s a new Trend Watch category up! This time we’re watching Ephemera!! You can find lots of my things there for 20% off including Joyeux: Trinkets, all of my Cliff Notes, and tons of other amazing products.

DYD is back and cool as ever!

It’s once again time for Document Your December and I’m SO excited! This year brought a fresh palette for DYD and the store is full of bright and cheery!! I will quickly apologize for the break in newsletters/blog posts and products last week. We had a major family emergency and right after that our youngest got mono (and tonsillitis). Needless to say… work hit the back burner for a few days.

Document Your December:
20% off this Weekend

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…our annual holiday collection is here. It’s our third year of encouraging you to Document Your December. Whether that means digital layouts, a hybrid album or simply taking the time to journal more about those special moments this holiday season, we have the tools to make your memory keeping easy, meaningful and beautiful. This weekend, we have more than 75 DYD products on sale at 20% off. This gorgeous coordinating collection is sure to inspire! The DYD forum is open and the sharing has begun there too, so hop over and soak in the creativity. Keep your eye on the TLP blog over the next month as well, where the Pollys will be posting tutorials on building foundation pages for their albums and coaching you to the finish line in your own holiday scrapping.

Joyeux: Trinkets

The first pack of the Joyeux collection includes a sweet little collection of trinkets & baubles <3
Joyeux: Fasten-ating Flags
The second pack includes my new faves! A selection of 15 flagged fasteners with words/graphics,2 full sets of numbers 1 – 31 (plus a blank in each), and 3 full sets of days of the week flagged fasteners, too (also with a blank in each style) Over 100 files included!
Joyeux: Documented Cards The Documented Cards include an (over)abundance of journal/title/calendar cards with possibly every variation one would ever need. 89 total variants, color ways, directions, etc included. Text/no text, horizontal/vertical, title/no title, and much much more. PLUS each of the 89 cards also comes with no texture. Phew! Take a look at the additional images for a look at all of the cards. I know it’s hard to see them so I also included 2 examples of card variations.
Joyeux: Patterns & Backgrounds
Lastly, the Joyeux Patterns & Backgrounds include 14 festive papers for your December documenting needs! Better yet? None are “too” festive that they can’t be used year round. Even better? There are 6 alternates also included and they’re different enough that you could happily use them on the same page! 20 papers total!
I hope you enjoy DYD as much as I do!!

Cliff Notes: Warm & Fuzzy Edition


On Cloud 9


Be Brazen (on the cheap)…

This week I’m the featured designer at The Daily Digi. Why? Because I’m part of the Digi Files #53! And no, I was totally sober when I did the interview. :)  I Am What I Am will come home to TLP early in June with the banner pack and some other parts not yet released, too.

Every Wednesday at TLP you can find a small selection of products, both old and new, for 50% off. Something Old, Something New is a great chance to try a new TLP designer or snag something on your wishlist at a discount. It’s a total digi lottery – you never know what’ll end up there. This week for SOSN I have TWO products for you…

Brazen Backs are quite possibly the wackiest paper pack I’ve ever released. These are wild ones and make not only fabulous backgrounds but are also perfect for clipping to shapes, snipping into bits, and anything else you can imagine. They print pretty, too!  This was on of those BYOC palettes that made me want to hide and cry so in the end I went mad. (I love them) And for today, 5/14, only they’re only $2  Seriously. 24 papers for $2.

Also 50% off this week is the companion pack of flags, tags, and other papery bits.

Tagged & Flagged includes 40+ tag and flag variations plus they each come in two styles: shabby and the opposite of shabby. 86 total elements for $1.63. Can’t beat that with a stick even if you wanted to!

Grab ’em while they’re hot and I’ll see you soon! <3 Allison

Talk to Me!!!!!!

I’m so happy to be releasing this gem at TLP! It was part of September’s Artisan Notebook and I was once again reminded why I struggle with these kinds of things.  It’s SO HARD to sit on finished product! Totally goes against the grain. LOL

Talk to Me
Talk to Me

Twelve boldly graphic backgrounds, prints, and patterns plus a bonus plaid that was somehow too loud to be included in the main count and twelve lightly sanded solids make up the papers. Multiple frames and bits and pieces and flags and tags, words and on and on and on… multiple versions (not simple recolors) round this mega out with over 100 embellishments. The alpha in 12 full colors and a clipping mask version sure doesn’t hurt either. *Papers and alpha also sold on their own but are less expensive as a full kit.

For the Love of 2010 for $8.81 for the 4th!!

The whole 22 pack 2010 “For the Love of” collection is 50% off for today’s Something Old, Something New sale at The Lilypad!! The best part? That’s half off a price that was already cut in half?!?!?!? Seriously!

For the Love of EVERYTHING 2010This includes:

Paper Bundle 1:
Heavenly Houndstooth v.2
Tempting Tweeds
Wonderfully Warped

Paper Bundle 2:
Daring Damasks v.2
Cheerful Checks
Artful Argyles v.2

Paper Bundle 3:
Dramatic Dots v.2
Solid Solids v.2
Striking Stripes v.2

Paper Bundle 4:
Practical Plaid
Passionate Paisley
Gracious Gingham

Legible Labels Bundle:
Dymo Labels; Family Words
Magnetic Labels; Family Words
Scrap Labels; Family Words

Alpha Bundle 1; The Plastics:
Playful Plastic
Perky Plastic
Plentiful Plastic

Alpha Bundle 2; The Doodles:
Desperate Doodles
Darling Doodles
Delightful Doodles

Scary Edition; Roaring Rorschachs

Not Pictured

Hello, hello, hello!Want to see my favorite, really really, kit maybe ever?
Not Pictured Preview
When my youngest was finally old enough (one and a half) to hold his own with his sisters for a Christmas card I jumped all over it with the naivety of a baby deer in baby headlights.  Looking back I’m not sure how I could have been that stupid. But other moms had perfect little portraits of their cherubs in ghastly little hats making nice for the camera, right?  It was not to be. I had an entire memory card full of the most hilarious photographs of my toddling trio screaming, yelling, glaring, fighting, smirking, and blowing snot bubbles. I had to devote an entire portion of my former family website to them. That year’s Christmas card was epic. For me at least.And there have been so many blurry, missed, and/or completely fumbled moments since and I never know how to use them to remember and, after all, that’s the entire point!

Not Pictured is great for celebrating those moments as well as the moments that weren’t photographed at all. There are lots of hand drawn elements – which come two ways – and word strips, colorful embellishments, a goofy alpha in nine full colors, a mega ton of paper (10 solids, 14 patterned) and more. Plus when you buy the kit you get the doodles and multi-colored scribblies for free!  FYI – the papers and doodles also sell on their own but it’s a huge price break when you buy the whole kit.

And don’t forget! The Lilypad is having a wicked retirement sale, I mean tons and tons of stuff that I can’t believe is being retired and it’s almost over. (none of the retiring stuff is from me. LOL)

Trendpole? Tadsetter?

What do you get when you have a new product for Tadpole Tuesday AND Trendsetter Tuesday?  I have absolutely no idea BUT I have 2 new products this week and no matter what you call them I sure hope you like them. :)

First up, for Tadpole Tuesday in my guest shop at The Lilypad is “Also a Very Small Alpha

This itty bitty stamped up alpha is definitely my new favorite.  It comes in png and abr format, too! And it’s ONLY $1.24 Tuesday and Wednesday!!!!!

And for Trendsetter Tuesday at CatScrap this week I have the third installment of “The Way We Were(n’t)

Full of 16 randomly beautiful and displaced papers in a variety of colors, patterns, textures and vibes.  Great way to stock up on papers.  Some are even “cast offs” from kits that were just released!

Did you see the exceptionally lovely September ’11 BYOC collection at TLP? Here are my parts in case you missed them:

Woohoo! Happy Paper, Happy Flags, and Happy Tabs.

And last but not least…. an exclusive Facebook Fan Freebie… Happy Stuff!

All Facebook Fans have access to this little set of coordinating doodles and elements.  See you later in the week!!! Allison