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SOSN: Hybrid Forever

What is it about this time of year? I love the weather… hate the rampant illness. As I’ve bored with previously, my sweet baby boy, my youngest – who is 12 1/2 – has mono. Just as we thought we had gotten off easy BOOM. The mono rash hit. Have you seen the mono rash? Head to toe, every bit of skin. His whole face is swollen. And so is his…. spleen. Yeah. Swollen spleen. It’s spectacular. Unfortunately he’s the only one of our four that is NOT rejoicing in missing weeks of school. He’s also possibly the best patient ever. :) Enough about me – ready for your deals?

As promised, 20 hybrid flag wraps. Just print, cut, wrap around
the safety pin, paper clip, etc, of your choosing and ENJOY!

Also new and 50% off, the plain cutting files!
29 svg files for your cutting machines

My portion of the November 2011 BYOC is also 50% off today!
You can get these typewrite strips for only $1.50, plus…

You can get these Patterns & Backgrounds for only $1.50, too!

Lastly, there’s a new Trend Watch category up! This time we’re watching Ephemera!! You can find lots of my things there for 20% off including Joyeux: Trinkets, all of my Cliff Notes, and tons of other amazing products.