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Jump & Twirl

It’s BYOC time again and I’ve got a new collection I’m totally excited about! My daughter, Montana, used to do this thing with her auntie when she was a toddler. Aunt Lizzie would say “jump and twirl” and Montana would run forward as fast as she could, like little kids do – with their fists pumping and their faces totally determined, and mid-way she’d do her signature move and jump up and twirl before she hit the ground. Anyways, I was thinking about that recently when my two year old nephew, Zorro, was over and it loosely inspired this little dainty collection of patterns and bits.
reg. price $3 – sale price $2.40*
The Twirl alphabet includes a full alpha-numeric alpha (plus punctuation and symbols to create special characters) all in ten colors and two patterns. More than 900 happy individual files! And boy are my hands tired!!
Twirl: Doodles & Embellishmentsreg. price $3.50 – sale price $2.80*
This sweet set of embellishments include a full set of 22 doodles in brush and png format and around 40 embellishments (plus alternates!)for clustering and layering.
reg. price $3.65 – sale price $2.92*
The Twirl papers are full of well worn goodness – the 23* papers include 12 textured solids and 11 patterns (plus alternates!)*these sale prices don’t reflect the additional savings of the Buy More, Save More deals!
The more you buy the more you save! This should be easy with the beautiful BYOC products that my co-designers have produced – plus we’ve got great guests this month! Ya Yeah’s Christine and Aja join amazing guests Just Jaimee, Splendid Fiins, HGD by Laurie, & Amy Jaz. Go see!!
So, I am, so far, a spectacularly bad blogger. I can’t seem to find my rhythm. I’ve got a couple posts ready from last week that every time I went to post I realized it was too close to a release day, etc…. Please, please bear with me while I find my rhythm.
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