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Still emphatic…

Who DOESN’T want to kick off their weekend with (20% off) 194 journal decoratin’ brushes? I know I do. This week I’ve got exactly that! The 2nd coming of the Emphatic Brushes from the 2011 collection:


Still Emphatic includes 194 accent brushes to get your point across! In png and abr format, these brushes have a hand painted charm that both destroyed my current mani and wormed it’s way into my heart. Be on the looksie for more painted packs in the future. :)

And if you don’t already have the original Emphatic brushes you can snag ’em now for 50% off with this code, for the next week: needmoreemphatic

Karah Fredericks is the featured sponsor this week and this weeks dare was a good one for me – I always have a hard time scrapping my (step)son and I especially have a hard time scrapping anything related to our rough start:

credits: Karah Fredericks: Stay There; Wicked Smart;  Allison Pennington: Anchored;  Heather Hess: The Dry Ribbon (font);  date stamps by Amber Clegg (retired) and painted alpha by Audrey Neal

This month, in honor of the Dares anniversary, if you play along in 2 dares you get our anniversary collaboration for free! Here’s the sneak peek (not all shown!):

Guess what happens next week? BYOC!!!! But I’ll see you before that with a sticky DIY, SOSN, a super Lush indie polish, and more! xoxo Allison