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For the Love of Journaling: Bundle No.2 (and win!)

Hiya! Happy Friday!!!! Today I’ve got some brand new – super cool – journaling aids for ya…

Annnnnd…. a chance to win $5.75 to my store because I’m in a mood and maybe it’ll cheer me up. :) And hopefully it’ll make someone’s mood happy, too.

Okay, first things first. I’ve really, really enjoyed the journaling portion of the “For the Love of” collection. Mostly because it’s stuff I really enjoy scrapping with but also because I like seeing how other scrappers utilize them. Early on in my own scrapbooking I didn’t even think about journaling. I labored over choosing the right title and then tortured myself over making it look cool. Those are still fun and often important parts of a page but I’ve found a brand new lease on scrapping over the last year or so after allowing myself to get over my shy factor and journal as much or as little as I want on my pages. I still struggle sometimes with feeling like I’m putting myself out there for dissection – in fact, it’s something that I struggle with in many parts of my life – whether I put my pages in a public gallery or just in book for my family. Anytime someone’s going to see it I struggle. Because of that, journaling has become a bit of an exercise in letting go as much as it has become a vital part of recording my memories.

And these goodies make it fun:)

For the Love of Journaling: Bundle No.2

This bundle includes 3 full products: The Brushes (emphatic), The Brushes (get in line), and The Frames (with room) and what’s more…. if you grab the bundle you get all three for the price of just two!! Of course, though, all three are also available individually for your convenience. The preview don’t show everything, either. The brush packs are huge (and come in pngs too) and the frames also come plain.    (and check out Bundle No.1 while you’re there if you’ve missed it!)

Other stuff you may have missed…
Today is also Designer’s Choice Friday at CatScrap and I have TONS of products in the category at 50% off. No throwaways, either – all stuff I love. Don’t miss it!!! Also, for Trendsetter Tuesday this week I released an element add-on to Pops, my recently release Dad-lovin kit. I got lots of emailed requests for them so I caved – anything to make my people happy.

And now for the giveaway! If you’d like a chance to win the new bundle or an equivalent gift certificate simply tell me if you’re a journal happy scrapper or if you prefer to skip it in the comments below. If you Facebook and/or Tweet the giveaway you can comment for an extra entry each.

To summarize:
Entry #1: Comment about your journaling practices
Entry #2: Facebook and/or Tweet (link to it in your comment)
Entry #3: Tweet and/or Facebook (link to it in your comment)

You have till 11:59pm (EST) Tuesday, August 2nd to enter. Ta-ta for now! Allison

Pops (aka Dirty Daddy) new today + a freebie!

Hey all!  I’ve got a new kit today – also available individually are the doodles, alpha, and paper pack.

Includes 12 solids, 10 patterns, 35 (!) doodles, 1 full alpha, and lots and lots of elements.

I should also mention that, inspired by my own kiddos relationship with their stepdad I made sure to include word strips like “mentor” “father figure” etc as well as step-dad stuffs for all of us touched by someone who loved us with no blood relation.  :)

Want a little freebie??

My ladies made some gorgeous layout, some of which you’ll find in the additional images.  Here’s a couple of them:

by Hutchie (who is now mine!!! mwahahaahaha)

by Roanna (Mrs. John)

by Liahra

See you later!!!

Summer Tallies!

Good Morning! (Good night?  I dunno… it’s 2:33am here)

Before I finally try to go to sleep or at the very least listen to a chapter or two of  the YA book I’m way too ashamed to admit that I’m listening to I thought I’d share this Trendsetter Tuesday 7/19 Release with yous!


Okay, fine. :) This simple but cool pack is perfect for keeping track of all the little things this summer (and beyond, I suppose) and includes 32 activity strips and 5 sets of numbers (0 – 9 so you can make any number you wish!) to mix and match all over the place.  Preview has a couple examples all mixed up as well as all of the other strips included. PS: Only 4 of the 5 number styles are pictures and the doodle numbers come in brush format, too!


See you this Friday with a kit that was very nearly titled “Dirty Daddy” until Mz. Montana pointed out that that particular name might make customers scratch their heads. :)  See you then! Enjoy your week! G’night!!



For the Love of….

Journaling!! Yay!! The “For the Love of” collection started the day my very first store opened at Polka Dot Plum with Artful Argyles (v.1).  At 1am, the night before the grand opening of PDP, I was panicked that my store was too empty.  I had 2 kits and that was it.  So I started dabbling with some argyle patterns I had made in AI months before for a shirt at my olden “big girl” job (read – I had an office that didn’t include my couch and I had to drive there not walk there like now).  By 4am I had 16 unique argyle patterns in a rainbow of colors.  Surprisingly they sold more than the kits those first days and the collection was born (unofficially)!

That first few months (the end of 2009) it was just paper.  But at the start of 2010 the collection was named, a new palette was chosen for the new year and the three pack bundles were born… they became some of my best sellers when I moved to CatScrap in May of that year.  Alphas were added to the collective around that time and, after a request, labels joined too.

I was so excited to pick 2011’s palette!  The bundles have remained best sellers.  I even shook the alpha portion of the collection up a bit with the eclectic Building Blocks bundle after I realized I could make my own rules!

And now… journaling tools have joined the “For the Love of” fam with 3 massive products!
For the Love of Journaling: The Brushes (proofed) is a gigantic set of brushes for editing and spicing up your journaling.  140 brushes in png and abr format.  Lots of crazy marks, arrows, etc… I’ve had so much fun using them.  And they’re all hand written to maintain the look of “scribbled on” editing.  Yeehaw!!

For the Love of Journaling: The Strips is a ridiculously big set of strips – 50 with journaling prompts/phrases and another 20 blank strips just for kicks!  Each strip is completely unique – not the same few strips with different words.  Alternative spellings are included in that 50 also (ex. favorite vs. favourite)

For the Love of Journaling: The Papers are maybe my favorite of this bunch.  The idea came about when I was stuck trying to figure out how to bring the much needed journaling into an otherwise perfect page and couldn’t find a way to work it in without looking like it had just been stuck there.  These papers ensure that your journaling fits in no matter what! There are 72 total papers – 4 styles, each come lined and unlined, and each of those come in 9 colors!!

They’re all 20% thru this Friday and if you buy For the Love of Journaling: Bundle #1 you get a great price break, too!

Stay tuned… this Friday when another massive collection of goodies comes home to my CatScrap store!!

PS: Here’s a teeny tiny itty bitty freebie just for my people!

A set of common symbols:  ” ” ‘ (){}[]<> each in 9 colors and all perfectly sized for the strips and papers for extra special emphasis. :)

Sunday Girl for Spring 2011 Catwalk

Hey scrap-fanatics!

It’s Catwalk time again and I CAN NOT believe all the amazing-ness at CatScrap right now. All the designers went nuts and made great stuff the same week… and it all coordinates. Madness.

I present to you…..

Comes with 24 papers, a crazy amount of elements, a brad alpha…. and free with purchase: The Sunday Girl Doodles!
Some Sunday Girl inspiration from my newly update Creative Teams:

Click any of the beautiful layouts above to see them big.  I love this kit – am I allowed to say that?  It’s one of my favorites.  It was easy to scrap and fun, too.  There’s some other new releases in my store, too that I’ve left 20% a little longer than normal just for you.  Another For the Love of Paper bundle and the first For the Love of Alpha bundle of the year – and it’s a good one.  Perfectly detailed at full size.  Go see…

Want to know who joined my CT this week?

Thank you so much to all who applied! It was a near impossible task and I appreciate the support of everyone involved.  See you soon!  Allison

Cyber Tuesday?

What a great way to catch up with recent releases!!!  Everything in my store is 45% off, including a holiday bundle, lotsa new to CatScrap goodies, and all the favorites on your wish list.  Annnnd…. gorgeous (well, I like it) alpha that’s free today!  And only today!

Pretty, huh?

New to CatScrap Bundle and other goodies:

Have you see the other releases lately?  45% off, too!

All of these and more can be found at my ever-growing CatScrap store…

While you’re here… I’ve got some fun planned here at my blog starting Monday, December 13th. Freebies, FWP offers, major giveaway chance… etc and CatScrap kicks off the annual Advent Calender on the 1st. Don’t miss it!

Smooch, Allison


Are you ready for Catwalk time again at CatScrap???  If you’re  not then get ready fast because Catwalk Fall 2010 is HERE!!  You will not believe how much amazing-ness has hit the store.   It’s crazy!  And they’re 25% off right now!

First up from me:

I have to say I’m pleased with this kit.  ;)  It’s full of colorful doodled elements and great big brushes and comes with 24 bold papers and more.  Including a pretty little script doodled alpha….

Here’s a better look at the rest of the goodies inside this kit: (all also sold on their own)

Seriously!  All that in one kit!!  Find these sold separately here: HERE

Also new for the Catwalk:

This paper pack is full of a dozen cozy, warm, quirky, perfect plaids.  The cure for any cold weather blues and more!

And while you’re shopping pick up this cute desktop calendar:

Comes in three sizes with a spot for your own photo.  (The raindrop overlay over the transparent portion is easily erased.)

Want some Rainy Day inspiration?

And lastly… it seems the Digi Files has lowered their standard and will let any old designer in.  ;)  Kidding!  See anyone awesome participating in the Digi Files this month?  No?  Look harder…..

It’s me, it’s me!!!  I’m in the Digi Files this month!!! Go buy it and let me know what you think of my contribution.  Want a chance to win?  Check back here October 7th for some great news and a chance to win.


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