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I’ve got a Secret…

Actually I have TWO secrets.

The first? A brand new HUGE kit, just for you. :)

This kit is packed to a ridiculous extent – 26 papers, an almost stupid amount of elements, strips, word art, doodles, alpha….. lots. of. stuff. And you can have it at 20% off right now.

Here are just a couple randomly chosen layouts from my ladies (and me!)

And now for the *big* secret…. after almost a year and a half at CatScrap – a place where I’ve been both supported and inspired (and comfy) (and happy) (and surrounded by awesome chicks) – the time has come…..

On October 1st I will be opening up at a whole new store. So head over to CatScrap and see what I’m taking (lots) and what I’m leaving.  You’ll find 25% off everything coming with and some bigger discounts and retiring items.  Not everything will be available right away so if there’s something you’ve got your eye on that you don’t want to chance having to wait for…. snag it now. Also some changes that you should know about – all 2010 “For the Love of” products will only be available in their bundles.  Just as when the 2012 collection releases all 2011 packs will only be available in their bundles. So if there’s a single pack you want from the 2010 releases GRAB!!   Discount reflected in the cart.

And as I’m loading and zipping and all that I’m wondering. Kits….. I know that I have some loyal customers that sometimes only buy the paper or the alpha or the doodles, etc and that’s why I’ve always made my kits available broken up in addition to all together. But I’m considering only releasing them  as full kits. Thoughts? Email me or leave a comment below with your preference. I want to make sure things are available however they’re needed.

Are you excited to see where I’m going?

Samplerific Sampler and Clippy v.3

New and 20% off today are Clippy Frames v.3: Vintage Edition
Clippy Frames v.3

This five pack includes all the clipped charm of versions 1 and 2 but with vintage Polaroid style frames.  Each comes in with a partial shadowed and unshadowed version.

And new today at Lilypad and ONLY $1.50 TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY!!!
For the Love of Paper 2011: Samplerific Sampler

This sampler pack includes a brand new paper from each of the 14 pattern packs from the 2011 For the Love of Paper collection, in a simplified scheme to insure versatility if you don’t happen to have the rest of the collection. Even includes 3 papers from the not yet released For the Love of Paper ’11 Bundle 5, the final paper trio of the year!

Many big things are coming – good, happy things…. keep watch! And don’t forget to pick up the current Facebook Fan Freebie! All you have to do is “like” me and then click on the Exclusive tab. The preview is linked to the download.  **This download is PU only and links are not to be shared.

Trendpole? Tadsetter?

What do you get when you have a new product for Tadpole Tuesday AND Trendsetter Tuesday?  I have absolutely no idea BUT I have 2 new products this week and no matter what you call them I sure hope you like them. :)

First up, for Tadpole Tuesday in my guest shop at The Lilypad is “Also a Very Small Alpha

This itty bitty stamped up alpha is definitely my new favorite.  It comes in png and abr format, too! And it’s ONLY $1.24 Tuesday and Wednesday!!!!!

And for Trendsetter Tuesday at CatScrap this week I have the third installment of “The Way We Were(n’t)

Full of 16 randomly beautiful and displaced papers in a variety of colors, patterns, textures and vibes.  Great way to stock up on papers.  Some are even “cast offs” from kits that were just released!

Did you see the exceptionally lovely September ’11 BYOC collection at TLP? Here are my parts in case you missed them:

Woohoo! Happy Paper, Happy Flags, and Happy Tabs.

And last but not least…. an exclusive Facebook Fan Freebie… Happy Stuff!

All Facebook Fans have access to this little set of coordinating doodles and elements.  See you later in the week!!! Allison

I love alphas….

Did you know that?? Seriously love them. Love using them. Love buying them. Love, love, love making them! Every time I make a layout I’m cursed with the following, “I love alphas and I have so many to choose from…… but which one for this page?”

I spend hours sometimes dragging them on, arranging them, and removing them only to try again with another.  I noticed that some alphas that I love I use lots and some that I love I’ve never used at all.  LOL It’s like the page hasn’t been worthy yet. I started wondering which ones were among my very favorite versatile, go-to-in-a-pinch-because-you-know-they’ll-always-work alphas (excluding any of mine, of course!)…

Here they are:

From your left:
1)Teeny Type
by CD Muckosky

I’ve used this alpha on so many layouts it’s almost embarrassing.  I scooped it up before Little Dreamer closed, after eyeballing it forever, fearing I’d never have a chance to have it if I didn’t – I’m so glad because I don’t think it’s available right now.  But if you don’t have it you should email her sweetly and beg her to put it in her TLP store because it is the coolest, most versatile alpha brush.  I use it to “type” all over my photos and to make interesting titles… See here: Born Original

2)Tiny Book Alpha by Something Blue Studios aka the coolest person I know, Danielle

So, really…. Danielle is awesome. She’s hysterical, and creative, and blunt – I love her…. and she makes wicked alphas.  This little clipped alpha is far and wide my favorite of all the clipped alphas I own.  It shadows so well you want to grab it off your screen and sing to it.  It prints perfectly, of course, and if I didn’t know better (I don’t) I’d think she literally clipped these all.  It has a big sister alpha that’s torn and equally drool worthy! Go see: Tiny Torn Alpha

3)Alice Alphabet Brush Set by Lisa Sisneros

Be still be alpha loving heart.  From the second I saw this quirky beauty I knew I had to have it. And a brush set to boot?! Sigh…. There are lots of variations to some letters which is great if you want an “organic” hand scribbled look.  The size is perfect – not too small or too big so it loses detail when shrunk.  Spot on. Also good for writing all over your pretty pictures: Uh Oh

4)One Sweet Love Alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz

This was another one of those alphas that jumped off the screen and into my EHD. There are many reasons this alpha is a total slamdunk.  First, it’s totally unique. Second, it’s got multiple layering options. Third, it’s a brush set!!!!  Fourth, you can make it any color, obviously, so it literally goes with everything.  Fifth, it’s big enough for huge dramatic titles: True Love

5)Scruffy & Stripey by Kate Hadfield

Kate Hadfield makes delicious alphas. It’s no secret. They are varied and dimensional and lovely. This one? OMG. There is so much detail and it miraculously stays detailed even in print size. It’s glorious. I found it after everyone else, I think, during her Daily Digi feature a while back.  I marched over (well…) and snagged it. It makes a striking addition to any page: Uh Oh (see… looks fab mixed with brush alphas, too)

6)Handwritten Doodled Alpha by Jacque Larsen

If you’re looking for paper alphas Jacque Larsen is your designer. Hard to choose but this handwritten gem is unmatched in simplicity and realistic bad-assedness. (I can say that, right?) It’s the perfect compliment to literally any page and is the perfect mixer and matcher. Check out her other doodled paper alphas if you haven’t already. I dare you!!

There you have it, 6 of my favorite go-to, versatile alphas! Do you have a favorite that you think I should know about?

*Blog Boarding by Lauren Reid

More birthday and a freebie!!

Have you enjoyed CatScrap’s 5th birthday week?  I sure hope so! Today a whole new category is an extra 10% off… go see for yourself!!

But most importantly…. another Timeline freebie!! Yay!!!!

I know, I know…. more brads! But you wouldn’t believe how many “Can you please make brads to go with  fill in product name here  please” emails I get.  So here they be! Enjoy and I’ll see you soon… Don’t forget to swing by the store Sunday, too as the last extra 10% category is released!  Allison

Birthday Day 3

As you know the whole store is 30% off this week, but each day a new category is an extra 10% off!

Today’s extra 10% off category is Frames and Overlays and I happen to have a couple pretty cool frame packs in my store!

*Frames also sold separately

*Also comes in the Lulubelle bundle!

And here’s a little freebie stacked frame with room to document your milestones or anything else! (and don’t forget to download yesterday’s free alpha, too!)

Thursday’s extra 10% is a HUGE category! Make sure to stop in the store to empty your wishlist and stop by here, too! Allison


The birthday celebration is in full swing – sales, prizes, challenges, extra discounts each day…. etc.

Today alphas and the like are an extra 10% off! I have TONS in my store so if they’ve been on your list go snag them!!

The first 5 of you to use this coupon will get a free alpha or alpha pack from my store!: blog_alphax5
*The fine print…. There are five uses but one per person. Do not use this more than once. Don’t be greedy!! Anyone that uses this more than once will get invoices in their inbox for the price of the alphas they took. :) In other words… be nice.

On to the new goods….
This cute “mini” is full of cool ways to document your milestones. 6 brightly patterned papers, 17 milestone doodles (not pictured), tons of paper elements, 51 milestone strips (not all pictured), and stitches and staples to fasten them to your page!

Single case, numbers, and punctuation…. each in 6 colors and 2 patterns!! 8 plastic alphas – 1 little price!

The Timeline Builder comes with everything you need to build your own timeline! 4 different “timelines,” many different dashes, and a variety of milestone icons!! Icons and dashes come as brushes, too.

All of these are (at least) 30% off for the rest of the celebration!! And just because I love you (I really do) here’s a free alpha, pulled out of the Timeline Alpha and offered exclusively here, instead!

Watch the store all week – never know what’ll be an extra 10% off tomorrow! Allison

PS: Newsletter subscribers are about to get a pretty good deal! Watch your inboxes or sign up now!

For the love of lotsa stuff…

Imagine my surprise just now when I went to put this post together, and today’s newsletter, and noticed that neither the blog post OR the newsletter went up/out Friday afternoon because I set them to go out September 5th and not August 5th.


Ah well, more for today’s… right? Last Friday marked the release of the fourth For the Love of Paper bundle, part of my collection of digi basics. Bundle 4 included Gracious Gingham v.2, Boisterous Bursts v.1, and customer fave Passionate Paisley v.2!

For the Love of Paper Bundle 4

Also available separately.  These are fantastic and 20% off thru the 12th.

And new today:
Punchy Alpha

This vintage metal tag alpha is complete with lower case letters, numbers, punctuation, special characters, and a blank tag, too! And 20% off thru the 12th also.

Newsletter subscribers that subscribe prior to the last Monday of the month will receive a coordinating set of tags punched with years 1995 thru 2015!

Who doesn’t love a quick and clever way to date their layouts? There’s a subscription link above, under my smiling face.

See you soon!! Allison

New stuff and a winner!

Another week and more stuff!!! There are two new products in the store – both good, sturdy, versatile products that complement any and everything!

First up is my new favorite alpha!
I love writing on photos on a page and I love brush alphas just as much! And I’ve found over time that little alphas work the best because they’re the right size to stamp all over photos without losing their charm! This little scribbly, pen filled, stencil-ish alpha fits the bill. A to Z and numbers, too!

Also new this week…..
I save everything. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I also don’t let anything hit my store until I truly believe it’s perfect and cohesive. Usually by the time it hits my store there’s been multiple versions of papers – solid and patterned – that have been removed from the folder for one reason or another. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit into my “vision” and sometimes I’ve totally changed the colors after all the papers are done. (There’s an entire previous version of Bloom on my harddrive in a different palette) It could be anything.

These cast offs go in a folder with a name I will not repeat. ;) I can’t bring myself to get rid of them because there’s nothing wrong with them…. so I’m splitting them into groups on 16 and offering them up. They’ve all been carefully examined and nothing made it in that wasn’t good enough. These aren’t bad papers in any way – just homeless. I made sure that it was a pretty good variety, lotsa colors/patterns/styles/etc. They don’t match and they’re a fab, easy way to stock up quickly.

And onto the winner of the For the Love of Journaling: Bundle #2 (or the equivalent) giveaway! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading all of your thoughts on journaling. I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles! And now the winner…..

30 July, 3:31 AM
Most of my pages aren’t usually text-heavy, but when I do journal, it’s for a subject close to my heart. :)

Congrats Ava!! I’ll try to get in touch, but contact me if you see this, okay!!

See you all soon with more goodies! Allison

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