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Building and Cutting Spookiness

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2Hayrides & Smiles: Build Your Own Jack o'Lantern

This was a completely self serving project. :) I was playing and giggling and figured maybe they’d make someone else smile, too. Includes real rubber stamp (made by me) impressions in brush and png format – eyes, noses, mouths, and pumpkin bases. $2.40 today!!

Hayrides & Smiles: Cutting Files

The Hayrides & Smiles cutting files include a total of 22 cuttin’ files in 3 formats. I get asked for cutting files fairly regularly and these seemed right. :) I’ll be sharing a non-scrap or craft related “project” with these this week that I’m pretty jazzed about. See the additional images for the big cuts. $3.00 today

Super Duper Stuff…

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone’s having as fab a weekend as I am. Friday is our kid free night each night with three at their dad’s house and one at his mom’s. Grown up night usually consists of Brett getting home from work around 8 or 9 with dinner (a massive, delicious pizza last night) and then we make big plans to watch a movie after The Dead Files (Brett is obsessed with loves ghost shows). Typically we make it about 5 minutes past eating whatever he brought home before we start nodding off on the couch. Last night we actually made it 10 minutes into the movie… it’s  practically a record!  :) Not very exciting but still, it’s ours. Anyways, I realized that kind of stuff that I need to remember to scrap, too. It’s not shiny or exciting but it is what it is.

Carrying on – this week I released the full kit version of Good Stuff (I released the add-on early, as a freebie for NSD and then at the store). It’s big and perfect for scrapping absolute nothingness!

FOLDERThis kit includes 15 patterned papers and over 100 elements including papered bits, tags, flags, labels, tiny baubles, flowers, sequins, beads, and more.  I included a couple recolors for convenience, too! Coordinates with the Good Stuff add-on, of course, but also coordinates with the entire For the Love of 2013 collection.<<< follow that link to the whole collection or search “FTLO13” in the store search box.

This week’s Digi Dare is up now and it’s a fun one. I got a couple emails last night asking where it was, etc  after I mentioned it in the newsletter and hadn’t noticed it wasn’t up. *blush* It’s been a topsy turvy couple weeks at The Digi Dares – a redesign happened recently that closed us down for a week but other than that…. a lot of us are new Darers and are still learning the ropes. Myself? I’ve personally fouled up a time or two already. This week my layout was late. Sometimes change takes a little time but bear with us. There’s lots of dares in our future and lots of fun as well.

Speaking of opening my mouth too soon (giggle)… I’m reshuffling my release schedule so anything I may have hinted about in said newsletter is being pushed back to accommodate. When will I learn? June will be a heavy release month for me @ TLP so get ready! Giveaway prizes are shipped so cross your fingers that the winners will show us how pretty they look in their necklaces….. which also means maybe it’s time for another giveaway. Jewelry? More nail polish? Digi? Something else? xoxo, Allison