Who’s ready for the fastest SOSN roundup ever??? This week I’ve got new favorites AND old favorites! Because I’m short on time (lots of newness coming your way!!) I’m just going to list them easy peasy!

First up, We All Fall Down Extras:

We All Fall Down: Extras Duo

These new packs are also 50% all by themselves:

We All Fall Down: Glitterbets  We All Fall Down: Journal Cards

Also half off today, the bestselling Joyeux collection:

Joyeux: Bundle Up
 $4.00 today!

The Joyeux packs are all on sale today, in addition to the bundle above:

Joyeux: Cutting Files   Joyeux: Hybridized Flags
Joyeux: Trinkets  Joyeux: Fasten-ating Flags
Joyeux: Patterns & Backgrounds  Joyeux: Documented Cards

Not a bad haul, huh?  Don’t forget the freebies….



If you subscribe to the Friday news, make sure you pick up the exclusive Twelve Days journal cards – check the last newsletter for you link. :) They’ll go out again one last time this Friday.


xoxo Allison

Tis Extras!!!

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2

Tis needed Glitterbets, don’t you think? These Glitterbets included FOURTEEN different full alphabets. All the solids and 3 spectacular multi colored ones. Oooooooohhhhhh….. Just $1.63 today. (how much is that per alpha?!)

Tis: The Journal Cards

Oh, the journal cards…. how I love thee. These little pretties include a multitude of 3×4 journal/title/filler cards with & without bleed and with & without texture. Whoa. I dare you to not find the file you need! 26 (x4 formats) jpgs included. A very respectable $1.75 today!


My first full Christmas kit ever. I still love it. The jeweled snowflakes and high gloss alpha are still favorites. This jam packed beauty is just $3 today. (seriously – look in the product description at those amazing Smitten layouts…)



Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!

BOOOOM!!! It is here. The December Memory Pockets Monthly collection!!!! Which means a new HUGE subscriber kit and an abundance of add-ons! But first… BF sales info:


Good stuff! Keep reading for a list of all that is wicked cheap today (in addition to a STOREWIDE 30% off sale!)…

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2Memory Pockets Monthly: JOY

With a mix of 30 journal cards in both horizontal and vertical orientations, print files for every card, 99 elements, a photo template, alphabet, cut files and print files for all hybrid friendly bits, square cards, solid papers, etc, this is a remarkable deal at $10.49 now for non-subscribers! But if you subscribe for $8.99 a month you get this whole kit FREE. SERIOUSLY! And you get 35% off all add-ons! WHAT?!

Pick up Joy for $10.49 ||| Subscribe for $8.99

Want to see my brand new add-ons??


Stamp Tramp: Overjoyed Edition includes a near ridiculous amount of handmade rubber stamp impressions – including multi part stamps so you can easily control the color of Santa’s hat or Frosty’s scarf, for example, and dynamic stamps, too, for easy peasy confetti and sprinkly snow.


These pretties are $2.45 today!


Overjoyed: So Transparent includes a collection of super pretty hybrid friendly transparent cards for printing on acetate, etc…. also includes digital versions for digital scrappers. :)  Bleed and no-bleed versions included.  $2.56 during the sale!

Overjoyed: Patterns & Backgrounds

Overjoyed: Patts & Backs includes 12 12×12 pretty papers and an extra special 16 alternates for just $2.56 thru the sale!


The following products are 40 to 60% off today!!

Playful Stitches  In Summer.y Bubble Brushes

Rain, Rain: Patterns & Backgrounds  Flock Together
$1.83                                              $3.50

Careless & Painted Lines  Easy Eclectic v.3

Make sure you stop by on Monday for another group of 40 to 60% (really!!!!)



For the Merry Days: Icy & Snowy Numeral Freebie go back a post!!! Newsletter peoples are about to get an exclusive set of cards, too!!!

Happy Black Friday!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO


Let the countdown begin!

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2 FOLDER

First up for DYD extras is the Merry Days Journal Cards. These dandies include 12 core cards plus an additional set of gloriously festive alternates!


I’m just going to say it. The Countdown Cards are magic. You can layer them and animate – they flip thru the “pie chart” perfectly. Use them on your pocket pages… Document December… totally up to you. These 3×4 cards include 0 to 25 plus a beginning blank card and an ending blank card. And they’re only $1.75 today!!!!!

inothernewsblack-fridayBlack Friday is heading our way… Memory Pocket Monthly’s December kit is releasing this week and it’s MAJOR! Plus, that means a new collection of add-ons!! Be on the lookout for those, storewide sales, FREEBIES, and more!!


In case you missed the Snowy & Icy Numerals, here’s another chance!



There’s still time to save on Friday’s DYD releases!!! I have even more DYD releases coming this week (holy crap – did you Portlanders HEAR THAT?! Loudest thunder clap ever…) but here is the Friday trio…

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2Merry Days: Numerals

This HUGE set of DYD numerals are as varied as they are functional… sure, they’re perfect for numbering your gorgeous DYD pages but they’re also the perfect addition to layouts all year long. 8 FULL sets included for just $2.92 through the weekend.

Merry Days: Trinkets

This years Trinkets include a wild variety of bits and baubles, perfect for layering, scattering, clustering, and otherwise decorating your pretty pages. Not all shown. $2.60 through today!


The Merry Days Patts & Backs include a total of 40 papers – solids, patterns, backgrounds, alts, and more… Here’s a peek:


I can’t wait to show you Wednesday’s additions!! To hold you over, here’s a frosty little addition…



A Toasty & Warm SOSN

As you may have noticed, I typically release BYOC extras on the SOSN following BYOC releases…. This was the plan for this week, too, with a trio of Autumnal extras planned for release today but the weather in Portland had other ideas. We’ve got below freezing weather with ridiculous wind – all of which equals unreliable electricity. Because of this the Autumnal Extras Trio will release this Friday. :)





You can find the entire All Toasty & Warm collection for 50% off through Wednesday. That’s 90+ labels and tape, well over a dozen journal cards, a variety of ribbon bits, and more than 2 dozen patterns & backgrounds for less than $2 each!

Also on sale…

COLLAB: Thankful for You

polly-picks pollypicks-lili

Right now you can shop Li Li’s faves and save 20%!  Her picks include:

In Summer.y Bubble Brushes Urban Scribbles: ABCs
Passion For Paper | Quirky Stitched White
 Stitched Pockets
Petals no.4 {mixed media} Joyeux: Trinkets


Autumnal: November BYOC Part One

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2FOLDER

First up in the Autumnal Collection…. Painted Leaves! These gentle painted Autumn bits include leaves, leaf tops and bottoms for easy color changing, and other pretty bits, too. In png & brush format.


Next up – Autumnal Stitches…. this set of 12 stitches includes *each* stitch in 12 colors! FYI – that’s a lot of stitches!


Lastly, Autumnal Patts & Backs!! Solids, Patterns, Backgrounds and, of course, 18 alternate patts & backs are included!

The first 3 Autumnal packs are 20% off all weekend! Plus Buy More, Save More applies. Part Two of the Autumnal Collection releases Wednesday.

The current Trend Watch is very exciting! :) I love maps. You can shop the current Trend Watch and save 20%! Includes:

Crabby: A Beached Add-on TrioBeached: The Kit
Built for Two: Full KitYou Are Here: The Kit
Away We GoAnchored: The Kit

You can find all those and more HERE


DSD 2014 has begun!!!

unnamed (3)

It’s that time again!!! There is so much going on….

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2gatherteaser

Now for the big news!!!! I’m so excited to announce the kick off of Memory Pockets Monthly! The subscription includes:

  • Main kit each month, a $14.99 value
  • 35% off all MPM add-ons
  • Presale access to MPM add-ons
  • MPM private forum group and challenges
  • Special tutorials and video for inspiration and product usage
  • Personal interaction with your favorite pocket designers: Allison Pennington, Designs by Lili, Sahlin Studio, Sara Gleason, Stolen Moments Design and Valorie Wibbens

There are several convenient payment options including monthly or lump sum payments!! It’s a crazy deal!


This month there are tons of gorgeous add ons!! 

Gathered: Geometric Letter Set & Cut Files


Add ons include a Geometric Letter Set (with cutting files!), Things That Stick (with cutting files!!), and Patts & Backs!

Also new JUST FOR DSD….


More than 30 minis, former freebies, etc for $5 this weekend only!!! Super Special Bundle #1 is back, too!!

Bundle #1 includes 20+ mini, element packs, and more for $5 this weekend!!

Keep your eyes peeled and stick around the TLP DSD forum for announcements and games!




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