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And Away We Go!

Happy Friday! Is it just me or do they just keep coming faster?? Here’s a recap of my Friday so far…

  • 4am: Got email that I won 2 tickets to advance screening of The Conjuring! Yay
  • 5:30am: Realized I never unzipped June’s Digi Files. Went to unzip…. NONE of them had completed…. no June Digi Files for me. Bye-bye $5. Booooo
  • 7:30am: The Hairdresser leaves for work. Double Booooo
  • 9am: Realize ALL of the kids are still asleep. Why am I up? So I go back to bed. Yay
  • 11:30am: Repeat 9am. Yay?
  • 1:30pm: Seriously. Still asleep? Teenagers…
  • 3:30pm: Oh, sale at Mentality Nail Polish? Distracted till now…

Summer is exciting.

However, I do have a ridiculously badass new release for you!!


Val, Micheline, and I collaborated on this monster kit! Lots of papers, lots of elements, lots of alphas. It’s pretty, isn’t it?


Val and I each made matching journaling cards. These are mine. Sparkly!! Nothing like air travel and gold glitter to get the blood pumping! Both are on sale this weekend. :)


In other news… this week I got to post my first dare! That my layout above. I had fun. You will too! Come play!!!!!!


Don’t forget to snag this MASSIVE alpha freebie! It’s different than the one on facebook but they match. You should really have both. And look:

FOLDER2It’s fancy – and even includes a totally random but too cool not to include red, white, and blue glitter!

You may have to right click and copy the url – I don’t know why mediafire is dishing out super long urls right now.

See you real soon!! 

The Way We Were(n’t) vol. 12 & stuff…

What I’ve learned this week: It’s never good when your out of town teenager tells you that she & her brother are going to be YouTube sensations – especially when it’s followed by a frantic text that her phone is in the toilet; dust allergies & summer don’t mix; Lauren Reid is still badass; and that it’s perfectly attractive to live in your pjs all week!

New this week:


Includes 16+ leftovers & castoffs from recent kits and experiments!

Also this week I finally released options for Professional Use. I can’t tell you how often I get asked about for profit blog use and other similar stuff and I’ve never known quite how to answer. So I finally buckled down and put it together. Two different options: Single Product & 12 Month Multi-Product


This weeks Dare was SO much fun. Rather than the usual dare requirements this week Karah focused on a technique dare. This was a total stretch for me but I love scrapping Zorro, my nephew, and I really like my page. Go play along and try to win gift certificates from out AMAZING June sponsors!


You have until 10:00pm (EST) next Thursday (7/4) to post a link to your layout in the comments here to be entered to win one of this week’s prizes. Our Random Pick receives a $10 coupon from TWO of our darer/designers. And the Darer’s Choice will receive a $10 coupon from EACH of our four sponsors for that month!  That means you have a chance to win up to $40 in coupons just for playing along!


i am what i am comes home!

It’s Friday again and I have a brand new kit and element pack! I made ‘i am what i am’ what seems like forever ago and after going on it’s own adventure it’s landed at The Lilypad!!!


This versatile kit comes with lots of papers, a set of solids, 2 full alphas, scribble brushes, word strips, tags, labels, tons of bitty flowers and other things for clustering, butterflies, charms, frames, and more! Plus you get a really cool pack of coordinating banners FREE WITH PURCHASE!


The banners come with a collection of “basic” banners in a host of colors plus a variety of more colorful banners. And if you buy the kit you get them free – but you can just get the banners, too. <3

The kit and banners both were featured in the May edition of The Digi Files so check your stashes! Here’s my interview from my feature week if you missed it >>>> Allison Pennington – Major Fixation

In other news, this weeks digi dare was so much fun! My buddy Kim Jensen is our featured sponsor this week so you don’t want to miss it!  This is my page:

AKP-Dare326-600credits: Allison Pennington: i am who i am, Touches for Finishing (ink); Pink Reptile: Stunning Stitches; Valorie Wibbens: A Bit Worn #2,3, and 4; Heather Hess: The Royal Invites; Jenn Barrette: Puppy Love (ornate frame); Something Blue Studios: Fall Reverie (multi frame)

Tell the truth – you’re shocked at what a gloriously fat and pretty baby I was! LOL See you soon!!


Still emphatic…

Who DOESN’T want to kick off their weekend with (20% off) 194 journal decoratin’ brushes? I know I do. This week I’ve got exactly that! The 2nd coming of the Emphatic Brushes from the 2011 collection:


Still Emphatic includes 194 accent brushes to get your point across! In png and abr format, these brushes have a hand painted charm that both destroyed my current mani and wormed it’s way into my heart. Be on the looksie for more painted packs in the future. :)

And if you don’t already have the original Emphatic brushes you can snag ’em now for 50% off with this code, for the next week: needmoreemphatic

Karah Fredericks is the featured sponsor this week and this weeks dare was a good one for me – I always have a hard time scrapping my (step)son and I especially have a hard time scrapping anything related to our rough start:

credits: Karah Fredericks: Stay There; Wicked Smart;  Allison Pennington: Anchored;  Heather Hess: The Dry Ribbon (font);  date stamps by Amber Clegg (retired) and painted alpha by Audrey Neal

This month, in honor of the Dares anniversary, if you play along in 2 dares you get our anniversary collaboration for free! Here’s the sneak peek (not all shown!):

Guess what happens next week? BYOC!!!! But I’ll see you before that with a sticky DIY, SOSN, a super Lush indie polish, and more! xoxo Allison