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Bad Birthday Savings…

Bloggy_--what’s-old-_2Bad Stuff

Possibly the largest kit ever created… at least in my store… this bestseller includes 26 papers, approx 150 embellishments, and 2 alphabets. Take a peek at the additional previews at the store to see all the cool stuff in this whopper of a kit! $3.75 today!!

Bad Stuff Cards

The Bad Stuff cards remain some of my favorites! 36 total variations included (jpgs with a couple png extras) just $1.63 today!!

inothernewsWith my birthday this week I decided to mark 2 birthday favorites down 50% this week, too!

It's My Birthday, Too

Blow Out the Alpha


There’s still some time to pick up the current Trend Watch picks!! Through the 28th arrows are featured and you can find tons of favorites among them, including:

Crabby: Rubber StampsBright: Elements
Chalkboard Toolkit: ArrowsMixed Bag

Look at some of these other great Trend Watch deals…

Never Ever Landflashback (kit)
This Magic MomentCork It



Warped, Noted, and Layered

FTLO14-b7For the Love of 2014: Bundle 7

One of my fave bundles ever! Bundle 7 includes the return of Wonderfully Warped, some very useful cards, and a hip layered alphabet!  As always, the bundle is includes all three packs for the price of two. $4.80 through the weekend!

Wonderfully Warped had been removed from the For the Love of lineup some time ago and since then I’ve gotten random emails and messages asking why. So for those of you who missed it and those of you who never even met, I’ve brought it back with the brightest, wildest Warped pack ever…

warpedWonderfully Warped v.4

I love layered stuffs. Fonts, papers, alphas… love ’em. Ever since Hello There’s Build Me Up alpha I’ve been plotting the next one.  Layered Letters includes FOUR layers to stack and mix & match (or use alone!)… add patterns, colors, styles…. endless possibilities.

FOLDERLayered Letters v.1

Carded v.7: Noted includes a *total* of 30 3×4 cards. Fillers, titles, journals, etc – they’re all here. Each card comes textured and non-textured for your convenience. See the additional images for all the alternates.

FOLDERCarded v.7: Noted

Klaus says have a good weekend!

         PicsArt_9_19_2014 6_59_37 PM

Chalkboard Toolkit Part One

nlThis is one of those random projects that popped into my head in the middle of the night and drove me nuts until I started fleshing it out. Naturally, there’s a million ideas but to start with I have The Chalkboard Toolkit: Part One.


Part One includes a trio of chalkboard buildin’ basics! If you purchase the bundle you get one of the packs for free!  It’s just $5.20 thru this weekend. Each pack is also available individually, too. Part One includes:


The Chalkboard Toolkit Arrows include 89 hand chalked arrow doodles. Each of those 89 arrows comes in it’s actual size and a smaller size for more flexibility with the Toolkit Chalkboards (lower down) and then both sizes are also included black and in brush format so that you can make them whatever color you like. :) Grab these for $2.40 this weekend.


Also included in Part One is the Chalkboard Toolkit Alphabet! Letters, numbers, and punctuation all included. As with the arrows, each character comes in it’s actual size and a smaller size for more flexibility with the Toolkit Chalkboards (next) and then both sizes are also included black and in brush format so that you can make them whatever color you like. You can pick up the Toolkit Alphabet for $2.40 this weekend.


Lastly, Part One includes the Chalkboard Toolkit Chalkboards. This magnificent pack of chalkboards includes four styles of ornate boards EACH in ten colors (really) and two versions of vintage wooden boards. The boards are on sale for $2.80 throughout the weekend. Also – whether you purchase the bundle or the individual packs, you also get a free bonus 12×12 frameless chalkboard background.

Had to have a chalkboard freebie! I had all these extra bits leftover from mindless chalk doodling and I thought perhaps you’d enjoy them. Includes 36 random chalky bits to jazz up your boards.


And in case you don’t get this on Wednesday, here’s an alpha duo that coordinates with Once Upon an Imagination (it was half off last  Wednesday) and pretty much anything else. What doesn’t work with silver and gold? Grab it by clicking on the preview.


Bundles & Butterflies (that are messy?)

For the Love of 2013: Bundle 4

Dymo-bet v.2Taped v.1Carded v.2

Includes the above three packs – Dymo-bet v2, Taped v1, and Carded v2. All for just $3 thru Wednesday!

Hot Mess v.2

Also in the SOSN goodies this week – Hot Mess v2. Literally one of my very very very favorite paper packs ever ever ever. For real. Ever. Grab it up for $1.50 throughout today!! And lastly…

CU Sequined v.1

Grab this whopper CU sequin pack for $2.50 today. Includes 20+ different sequins plus a boatload of recolors…. Boatload. Hmmm…. Nautical….


The new Trend Watch is completely appropriate for right now! Nautical!! There are some AMAZING deals in there… including even a couple of my bits:

You Are Here: The KitAnchored: Journaling CardsAnchored: The Kit

You can find all the Trend Watch contributions for 20% off through the 8th! And just for you in honor of the above kits (and because I keep getting emails through mediafire asking me to release the link) I’m bringing back the Fishing for Alphas freebie for a little bit. (PS: there are actually 7 alphas included) :)

For the Love of 2014: Bundle 4

Unnecessarily Big Alpha

For the Love of 2014: Bundle 4

Careless & Painted: Polka Dots

Careless & Painted: Polka Dots

Tremendous Triangles v.2

Tremendous Triangle v.2

These three new For the Love of 2014 packs are so much fun! I love sticker alphabets in real life and in digiland, too, so it seemed important that this years collection would have some. And in 11 colors, too!! The polka dots are huge – big enough to anchor a cluster to or to decorate your background. I made them for me and though it couldn’t hurt to share. :) And who doesn’t need 30 brightly colored triangular papers? You can get each for just $2.40 this weekend OR you can grab all three for just $4.80 right now with For the Love of 2014 Bundle 4:

For the Love of 2014: Bundle 4

For the Love of 2014: Bundle 4


Head on over to MSA to find out how to get this free mini (an add-on to a future kit!) and find a 25% off coupon, too!

There are new Trend Watch and Polly Picks at TLP right now. Shop them and save 20%, too! Fun everywhere!! And congrats to Cindy, Lauren, Courtney, and Sherri-Ann on winning a necklace in the NSD giveaway and Johanna on winning the $40 GC to my shop. More giveaways to come including a HUGE one for my 35th birthday/digiversary this Fall!

For the Love of 2014: Bundle 3

For the Love of 2014: Bundle 3 includes three new packs – Hot Hexagons v.3, Cutout Frames, and Sketched alphabet (both volume 1). As always, when you buy the bundle you get all three packs for the price of only two. But these are also available individually!

Hot Hexagons v.3
This weekend you can buy each pack for $2.40 or the bundle for $4.80!

The lovely Val is celebrating 3 years of designing and you get the gifts! Save 30% in her shop now. And there’s a lot more other stuff going on at The Lilypad right now!  Including a great round of challenges. Earn up to 30% off or even a guest spot on the store CT!

Lastly, there’s new Polly Picks!! Shop Sara Gleason’s style and save. And make sure, while you’re at it, that you check out the current Trend Watch!

I’ve got a tutorial and some other fun coming up. Including an amazingly big giveaway coming for next month’s festivities and some other new blog features, too. Yay!

SOSN 2/26

Are you ready? Are you sure?? There’s a whole lot in the SOSN bin today and I’m super excited!

I love these. I love layering them up. I love scribbling on them. I just plain love them. Snag
all 62 watercolor brushes (and pngs) for just $1.50 thru Wednesday!!

I won’t lie. This is my favorite kit. It just came together how it was supposed to, the
colors are fab… love it! A handdrawn plastic alpha, 30 papers, 14 doodles, and over
100 elements (no filler). For $4. That’s something to put your chin up about! Also:

Chin Up: the Alpha Chin Up: the Paper
You can also grab just the papers or just the alpha for 50% off, too!

Remembories: Papered Parts
Remembories: Patterns & Backgrounds Remembories: Embossed Alphabet
You can also grab the entire Remembories collection for 50% off today!! The dymo-style
alphabet (in 10 colors!!) is just $1.63, the giant pack of papered parts just $1.75, and
lastly, the colorful pack of 18 patts & backs is just $1.63…. best SOSN ever, right!!!!!!!!!?

There are new Polly Picks by the gorgeous Renee… shop her style and save 20% off.
Find some of my favorite frames included!
Rough Cut Frames Laura Loves Instax


Careless & Painted Alphabet

My Cup of Tea: Journal Cards

Happy Vday! A Sale, Freebie, and Painted Alphabet

$3.00 $2.40
I lurve this hand water colored alphabet! It’s messy and imperfect and fun just the same.
Sometimes I like to totally trash a too perfect layout and these are a really quick way to
do just that. Each letter a to z has alternates for that authentic painted look and there are
numbers and some punctuation, too!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a teeny tiny little painted freebie. I was warming up with the
paint before I painted the alpha and figured why toss them? 3 loves (LOL… I was playing!),
some underlines, and a couple smears (not shown), etc I hope you had a great day with
you loved ones. xoxoxoxoxo


I may not be one of the ultra cool Pollys but they were nice enough to let me pick! Shop
my style and save 20%!  I had SO much fun picking through all my favorites in this amazing
store. I was surprised at how hard it was! You can find tons of goodies including:

Look! Stitches! Get Happy: Sticky Tape
Big & Bold COLLAB: #selfie

SOSN 1/22

This mish mash of orphaned papers is only $1.63 today!

3 of my very favorite (and totally unique) journaling products are only $2.88 today – for all 3!

I’m not going to lie. Sunday Girl is right up there with my most favorite kits. I love the patterns,
I love the the doodled elements, I love the newspaper flower that Brett made AND photo-
graphed for me one weekend… This was when wood found a near permanent place in my kits
and today, this favorite is only $3.38!

Last but not least! The Sunday Girl Painted Wood is also in sale for 50% off today! Only $1.75

If you missed this celebratory alpha last Friday in honor of TLP’s 7th bday, I’ve kept it
50% off just for you! Birthday candles in 10 colors!!! $1.75 thru today :)

Best Trend Watch ever! And I happen to have HEAPS of tape of all kinds in my store!!


Happy Birthday, Lilypad!

This week I’ve got For the Love of 2014: Bundle 2 for you! All 3 of this week’s packs for
the price of only 2! 30 papers, 66 word bits, and 2 templates for only $4.20 this week!


And if you don’t need the bundle? All 3 are also available on their own. Boisterous Bursts v.4
includes 30 vibrant patterned papers, Storyteller Strips v.2 includes 66 happy word bits, and Easy
Eclectic v.3 includes 2 layered templates. Each of these packs is only $2.10 this weekend.

Also new this week for Special Saturday?

This alphabet includes birthday candles in 10 colors! Letters, numbers, and separate
wick and flame for easy building. In honor of TLP’s 7th birthday, Blow Out is 50% off
this weekend only!

Spend $15 at TLP and you’ll snag this AMAZING collaboration for free! Not even close
to all shown in the preview. This collab is fantastic – I’m so excited to use it!!

This super exciting 12 week challenge is going to be
awesome! And I think you’ll love what comes with it!!

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