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Dreamy 50% Off!

Bloggy_--what’s new--_2Dreamweaver: Journaling Cards

First up, the Dreamweaver Journal Cards! Today you can grab 16 (plus 9 alts) soft, dreamy beauties for $1.50!!


Those pretties coordinate perfectly with this gorgeous collaboration with Studio Basic… Dreamweaver includes 9 solids, 20 patterns, 31 doodles, TONS of elements, a set of dymo strips for journaling your dreams, 1 dymo alphabet, 1 shimmery alphabet in SIX colors, and 2 amazing templates!!! And until the end of today you can grab this collab for $4.50.


by dotcomkari

by sucali




Seize it!

Seize every day with this delightfully delicate full, full kit! Includes pretty papers,
an eclectic mix of elements, scribbles, and a watercolor dipped alphabet!

Seize: Alphabet Seize: Patterns & Backgrounds
$2.12           //            $2.92
If you’re an alpha or paper only kinda scrapper I’ve got you covered! The Seize Alpha pack includes
just the kit alpha and the Seize Patterns & Backgrounds include ALL the papers from the kit.


I couldn’t believe all the gorgeous pages that were born of this kit –
check the additional images and TLP gallery for lots more!


January 2014 BYOC

Happy New Year lovlies!! I hope your year has started off fabulously!! I’ve got the first half of a new collection for you today (watch for the 2nd half for 50% off this Wednesday!)

First up, Wonder: Sticky Tape! 16 lengths of heavenly transparent
tape! There’s a tutorial about shadowing this stuff somewhere on my
blog, too… I love tape. LOVE IT.

The Wonder Embellishments include lots of scribbles and pretty bits.
And flowers. And word bits. And other fancy stuff! 67 elements in all.

I love these. They’re my new faves! The Wonder Patts & Backs include
a total of 22 12×12 papers (10 of which are alternates!) Originally
Wonder was meant to be a subtle take on a Winter Wonderland theme but
somehow, as always, ended up going in a totally different direction.

Look at these pretty pages:

if you missed these…


December Deal Days
The Month of Challenges is back! Do all 31 by the end of the month
and you’ll score yourself a $20 gift certificate to The Lilypad!
You could also win a spot on the store CT & there are other
little prizes to be won along the way! Come play with us!!!


Get Happy: Sticky Tape

Holiday Hangover

Trend Watch – Wood

Hello Monday! This week The Lilypad has started a new series that’s fantastic for many reasons. First, you’ll find more stuff to love! Second, amazing inspiration! And third…….. SALE! Trend Watch will showcase scrapbooking trends weekly and to kick it off:


I’m not sure why I’ve been so drawn to woodgrain in both my work and my personal layouts but I definitely love it. I’ve got several products in the Trend Watch category this week:

Wooded Chin Up Good Stuff  Here Again: Wooded Backgrounds Daddio Sunday GirlSunday Girl: Painted Wood FTLOA: Withering Wood For the Love of Alphas 2011: The Building Blocks

All of these are 20% off this week! Be sure to check out the whole Trend Watch category for more great wood graininess. And here’s a cool wood alpha I made a couple months ago when I was contributing to another blog:



Still emphatic…

Who DOESN’T want to kick off their weekend with (20% off) 194 journal decoratin’ brushes? I know I do. This week I’ve got exactly that! The 2nd coming of the Emphatic Brushes from the 2011 collection:


Still Emphatic includes 194 accent brushes to get your point across! In png and abr format, these brushes have a hand painted charm that both destroyed my current mani and wormed it’s way into my heart. Be on the looksie for more painted packs in the future. :)

And if you don’t already have the original Emphatic brushes you can snag ’em now for 50% off with this code, for the next week: needmoreemphatic

Karah Fredericks is the featured sponsor this week and this weeks dare was a good one for me – I always have a hard time scrapping my (step)son and I especially have a hard time scrapping anything related to our rough start:

credits: Karah Fredericks: Stay There; Wicked Smart;  Allison Pennington: Anchored;  Heather Hess: The Dry Ribbon (font);  date stamps by Amber Clegg (retired) and painted alpha by Audrey Neal

This month, in honor of the Dares anniversary, if you play along in 2 dares you get our anniversary collaboration for free! Here’s the sneak peek (not all shown!):

Guess what happens next week? BYOC!!!! But I’ll see you before that with a sticky DIY, SOSN, a super Lush indie polish, and more! xoxo Allison

Talk to Me!!!!!!

I’m so happy to be releasing this gem at TLP! It was part of September’s Artisan Notebook and I was once again reminded why I struggle with these kinds of things.  It’s SO HARD to sit on finished product! Totally goes against the grain. LOL

Talk to Me
Talk to Me

Twelve boldly graphic backgrounds, prints, and patterns plus a bonus plaid that was somehow too loud to be included in the main count and twelve lightly sanded solids make up the papers. Multiple frames and bits and pieces and flags and tags, words and on and on and on… multiple versions (not simple recolors) round this mega out with over 100 embellishments. The alpha in 12 full colors and a clipping mask version sure doesn’t hurt either. *Papers and alpha also sold on their own but are less expensive as a full kit.

“New” & $2.25 for SOSN!!

I know for many of us it’s Halloween season and I have new creepy stuff coming as it gets closer including two collabs (one’s with my daughter!!!)… but today for Something Old, Something New at The Lilypad I definitely have something New!


This fresh & clean mini is brand spanking new and 50% off ($2.25!!) for SOSN 10/19. Comes complete with doodles, elements, 8 patterned papers, and even a full alpha!!!!

I love alphas….

Did you know that?? Seriously love them. Love using them. Love buying them. Love, love, love making them! Every time I make a layout I’m cursed with the following, “I love alphas and I have so many to choose from…… but which one for this page?”

I spend hours sometimes dragging them on, arranging them, and removing them only to try again with another.  I noticed that some alphas that I love I use lots and some that I love I’ve never used at all.  LOL It’s like the page hasn’t been worthy yet. I started wondering which ones were among my very favorite versatile, go-to-in-a-pinch-because-you-know-they’ll-always-work alphas (excluding any of mine, of course!)…

Here they are:

From your left:
1)Teeny Type
by CD Muckosky

I’ve used this alpha on so many layouts it’s almost embarrassing.  I scooped it up before Little Dreamer closed, after eyeballing it forever, fearing I’d never have a chance to have it if I didn’t – I’m so glad because I don’t think it’s available right now.  But if you don’t have it you should email her sweetly and beg her to put it in her TLP store because it is the coolest, most versatile alpha brush.  I use it to “type” all over my photos and to make interesting titles… See here: Born Original

2)Tiny Book Alpha by Something Blue Studios aka the coolest person I know, Danielle

So, really…. Danielle is awesome. She’s hysterical, and creative, and blunt – I love her…. and she makes wicked alphas.  This little clipped alpha is far and wide my favorite of all the clipped alphas I own.  It shadows so well you want to grab it off your screen and sing to it.  It prints perfectly, of course, and if I didn’t know better (I don’t) I’d think she literally clipped these all.  It has a big sister alpha that’s torn and equally drool worthy! Go see: Tiny Torn Alpha

3)Alice Alphabet Brush Set by Lisa Sisneros

Be still be alpha loving heart.  From the second I saw this quirky beauty I knew I had to have it. And a brush set to boot?! Sigh…. There are lots of variations to some letters which is great if you want an “organic” hand scribbled look.  The size is perfect – not too small or too big so it loses detail when shrunk.  Spot on. Also good for writing all over your pretty pictures: Uh Oh

4)One Sweet Love Alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz

This was another one of those alphas that jumped off the screen and into my EHD. There are many reasons this alpha is a total slamdunk.  First, it’s totally unique. Second, it’s got multiple layering options. Third, it’s a brush set!!!!  Fourth, you can make it any color, obviously, so it literally goes with everything.  Fifth, it’s big enough for huge dramatic titles: True Love

5)Scruffy & Stripey by Kate Hadfield

Kate Hadfield makes delicious alphas. It’s no secret. They are varied and dimensional and lovely. This one? OMG. There is so much detail and it miraculously stays detailed even in print size. It’s glorious. I found it after everyone else, I think, during her Daily Digi feature a while back.  I marched over (well…) and snagged it. It makes a striking addition to any page: Uh Oh (see… looks fab mixed with brush alphas, too)

6)Handwritten Doodled Alpha by Jacque Larsen

If you’re looking for paper alphas Jacque Larsen is your designer. Hard to choose but this handwritten gem is unmatched in simplicity and realistic bad-assedness. (I can say that, right?) It’s the perfect compliment to literally any page and is the perfect mixer and matcher. Check out her other doodled paper alphas if you haven’t already. I dare you!!

There you have it, 6 of my favorite go-to, versatile alphas! Do you have a favorite that you think I should know about?

*Blog Boarding by Lauren Reid

I’m Gold, Baby! +Giveaway!!

It’s the first August and that means lots of things for me and probably you, too….

1. Last month of summer.  This is good or bad depending on how you look at it, I suppose.
2. Rent is due.  This is always a bad thing.  Always.
3. Shark Week
4. Hot as hell and stuffy and I’m generally cranky by this time of year.
5. I’m one month closer to being 32. sigh
6. “The Hairdresser” aka “The Fiance” aka “Hot Daddy” aka “The Poor Guy” aka Brett and I have officially been together for 5 years today.
7. This year it also means…….. that I’m the featured designer at DigiShopTalk! Which means if you’re a Gold Member you’re about to get a MASSIVE Gold Member Kit!!!  Seriously.  Huge. 

This kit is packed! Tons of brightly colored and carefully textured papers, tons of doodles in two formats, tons and tons of elements, a whole set of word strips, an extra folder full of scalloped trim, and a full alpha!  I <3 this kit!! It’s so cheerful and full of color.  And I hope you love it!! It’s not even close to all shown in the preview above.  My gracious and talented CT and my current guests have made crazy pages with it (see the above page: Inspiration) and I can’t wait to see even more.  Watch for The Insider this month to learn more than you ever wanted to know about me and there’s a chat at the end of the month, prizes, etc… very cool!  As I post this, last month’s featured designer is still posted but it’s pretty early so keep watch!

Also, you still have plenty of time to enter the For the Love of Journaling: Bundle No.2 Giveaway!!! I’ve so enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts on journaling and am glad to know i’m not the only one that struggles.  Keep ’em coming!  See you soon with new stuffs and a winner!  Allison

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