Warped, Noted, and Layered

FTLO14-b7For the Love of 2014: Bundle 7

One of my fave bundles ever! Bundle 7 includes the return of Wonderfully Warped, some very useful cards, and a hip layered alphabet!  As always, the bundle is includes all three packs for the price of two. $4.80 through the weekend!

Wonderfully Warped had been removed from the For the Love of lineup some time ago and since then I’ve gotten random emails and messages asking why. So for those of you who missed it and those of you who never even met, I’ve brought it back with the brightest, wildest Warped pack ever…

warpedWonderfully Warped v.4

I love layered stuffs. Fonts, papers, alphas… love ’em. Ever since Hello There’s Build Me Up alpha I’ve been plotting the next one.  Layered Letters includes FOUR layers to stack and mix & match (or use alone!)… add patterns, colors, styles…. endless possibilities.

FOLDERLayered Letters v.1

Carded v.7: Noted includes a *total* of 30 3×4 cards. Fillers, titles, journals, etc – they’re all here. Each card comes textured and non-textured for your convenience. See the additional images for all the alternates.

FOLDERCarded v.7: Noted

Klaus says have a good weekend!

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