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I’m feeling all nostalgic for my grandparents beach house. We spent countless days and weekends there when I was growing up, my kids have all spent most summer weekends there… it was a magical place. My grandparents sold it  about a year ago so I’ve been all boo hoo-ey about it. Beached is full of subdued vintage colors and patterns and a wide variety of elements. And three alphas! And more! You can pick this bad boy up for $5.59

You can also pick up the alpha or the patterns & backgrounds individually:

Beached: Alphabets

The Beached Alphabets include 3 alphas – 2 different full sandy alphabets and a letters only wood veneer. These are included in the kit but also on their own for $2.40… (look at that sand!!)

Beached: Patterns & Backgrounds

40 papers included, the Beached Patts & Backs are chock full vintage goodiness. 12 solids, 12 patterns & backgrounds, and 16 alternates included. Grab these papers for $2.96 today.

(and stay tuned for Wednesday when the add-ons release at 50% off!)