Playful Minis, etc

Holy Moly. I’m back! Sorry for my recent vanishing act – my not very old hard drive (internal) went boom. Bye photos and presets!!But here I am with a new PC looking toward the future. (ie: no more fetal position) I have much to tell you but lets start with the obvious, shall we?

Thru 7/27 you can stock up on all Winter, Christmas, and DYD goods for 30% off. Serious. Here of some of my favorites:

Holiday Hangover Get Happy: Bundle of ExtrasGet Happy: Pockets!! Joyeux: Bundle UpWonder: Patterns & Backgrounds Let it Snow
There are so many things on sale I could go on forever. Who knew I had so many seasonal products? Anywho – great time to trim your wishlist and get ready for another holiday season.

Playful Stitches
The Playful Stitches include 99 total stitches – 9 different bits, each in 11 colors. WOW!  Just $2.40 this weekend – these were initially a freebie so scour your stashes!
Pop! Mini Kit
Another former freebie, this mini kit is full of bright papers and sweet elements. Originally this was an add-on for a kit set to release…. today. But I lost the whole thing. I never think to backup stuff in progress. :( Maybe some day I’ll start it over. Grab the mini for $2.40 right now.


Check out my huge huge news by clicking the above preview! Not only will you get to peak at what’s included in this collection… you’ll also get to find out how you can WIN it!  (Can you tell I’m excited?)

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