la di da…

I’m back! After my PC went kaput for absolutely no reason I got sidelined. I lost a bunch but not as much as I could have. But everything is frustrating right now – every time I start to work I find something else I’m missing. Fonts – all gone. Boo. PS brushes, etc – all gone. You get the idea. But I’m back and La Di Da is back in the SOSN bin after a minute there last week….

La Di Da: Journaling Cards

I cringe to refer to this collection as old. I love it. And it seems literally like just yesterday that I created it. The La Di Da cards feature a total of 50 alternates and variants each with and without texture. That’s a lot of cards. Just $1.75 today!

The La Di Da alphabet and patters & backgrounds are on sale, too!  The alpha is massive and sparkly and just $1.13 while that paper pack is FULL of papers Р29 total plus 16 bonus solids for $1.75 thru today only.
Last in the La Di Da collection – the embellishments! Includes a sweet variety of pretty bits for $1.75 today.

Bigger & Bolder
Lastly, Bigger & Bolder is 50% off today. 15 boldly patterned papers in a wild palette for $2.00 today!

BTW – watch my blog and FB tomorrow…… EPIC news!

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