July BYOC!!!

Happy 4th to you (and happy 47th to The Hairdresser on Saturday!)! July BYOC is here and I love it. I started with a totally different collection (which has been re-assigned with a new palette and will release later!) and somehow while painting I picked up a straw and started blowing on paint globs and before I knew it I was outside in 98 degree weather covered in bubbles and paint with my neighbors staring at me. Good stuff! Ready?

First up! In Summer.y Bubble Brushes! These are so much fun! 19 bursts of colorful bubbles in their original color and in black! Plus a bonus bubble print in just black that’s extra big! These are in brush and png format.

In Summer.y Note Cards

Next up, In Summer.y Note Cards! These 12+ journal cards are fresh, clean, and ready to document your everyday. 16 cards in all plus most come with and without texture!

In Summer.y Patterns & Backgrounds

Last up, the In Summer.y Patterns & Backgrounds! OMG. I love these. These vibrant papers covered in unique prints, geometric patterns, florals, etc, and include a variety of textures. 16 bonus alternate variations are also included. Yay for extra paper!!  Stay tuned Wednesday for part 2 of this collection with extra packs at 50% off!