Bundles & Butterflies (that are messy?)

For the Love of 2013: Bundle 4

Dymo-bet v.2Taped v.1Carded v.2

Includes the above three packs –┬áDymo-bet v2, Taped v1, and Carded v2. All for just $3 thru Wednesday!

Hot Mess v.2

Also in the SOSN goodies this week – Hot Mess v2. Literally one of my very very very favorite paper packs ever ever ever. For real. Ever. Grab it up for $1.50 throughout today!! And lastly…

CU Sequined v.1

Grab this whopper CU sequin pack for $2.50 today. Includes 20+ different sequins plus a boatload of recolors…. Boatload. Hmmm…. Nautical….


The new Trend Watch is completely appropriate for right now! Nautical!! There are some AMAZING deals in there… including even a couple of my bits:

You Are Here: The KitAnchored: Journaling CardsAnchored: The Kit

You can find all the Trend Watch contributions for 20% off through the 8th! And just for you in honor of the above kits (and because I keep getting emails through mediafire asking me to release the link) I’m bringing back the Fishing for Alphas freebie for a little bit. (PS: there are actually 7 alphas included) :)


For the Love of 2014: Bundle 4

Unnecessarily Big Alpha

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