An oopsy SOSN…

I couldn’t think of any more clever subject line involving this weeks SOSN bits…. Hot Messy Butterflies was the least bad. :) Regardless, there are some great deals this week for 50% off!! And then…. OMG. When I went to make the featured image? I realized….. I just had Social Butterfly in the SOSN pile. LOL

Touches for Finishing Hot Mess: Doilies

Want to know a secret? Last April I planned out a kit I was super excited about for BYOC. But I was running out of time and didn’t want to waste it. So instead I started 30 other packs… and I ended up with these bad boys. Both are 50% off through the rest of today.

One of the best collabs in history! This beautiful collab is full of interesting patterns, cool elements, and more. I love playing with Jenn and this was the perfect first project for us. Grab this *fantastic* collab for $4 through today only. 

Once Upon an Imagination
Get Set! Collab

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