Smitten for SOSN Deals!

Big stuff coming this Friday but in the meantime, hows abouts some fab deals?

Date Buildin' Brushes v.2

My favorite patterns & backgrounds to date – and that’s saying something!
Grab each for 50% off thru Wednesday …

Also 50% off today is Smitten! My first Christmas kit, it’s still top notch and magical
today! Full of pretty patterns and sparklies – and only $3.00 today!!!

Enjoy lots of deals over the next several days, like 25% off all paper packs!

No, I know what you’re thinking…. Radiant Orchid? What the happy horse blossoms
is Radiant Orchid?! I’m glad you asked! Radiant Orchid is the 2014 Color of the Year. Learn
somethin’ new every day, don’t you? Expect to see Radiant Orchid everywhere.All. Year.
:) For now you’ll have to content yourself with saving 20% off the whole category!  Including:

The Way We Were(n't) Vol. 12 Remembories: Papered Parts
Remembories: Patterns & Backgrounds Big & Bold


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