Brand new Cliff Notes +Halloween Bash!!

So much to tell you about today! A BUNCH of sales and other excitement…. ready??!

Regular Price: $4.00 Sale Price $2.80
271 brand new clips, strips, words, and more! And right now they’re 30% off instead of 20… wanna know why?

That’s right! The Halloween Bash is going strong!! You can grab ALL Halloween related goodness for
30% off thru the 21st. In edition to the new Cliff Notes you can find:

Thirty One: Extras Bundle Thirty One: Elements
EEK! Azucar, Azucar
Goth Girls Bite Me

And more, too!!

Boobie Fight ad

Us girls had so much fun making this font – but for very serious reasons. It’s a great doodle font and I hope you’ll grab it (and enjoy it!!)Additionally, there are some new Mobile Ready fonts in the shop!! Karah, Sabrina, Lynne-Marie, CD, and Sara have new ones that are awesome!

Looking for more amazing deals? There are new Polly Picks up!! You can shop Carolee’s
style for 20% off right now! Included in her 5 PAGES of picks are some of my favorites!

There is also still time to shop the current Trend Watch! All of my stitched products are on sale there for 20% off, also

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