Alot More Smarter…

Hey all! (please ignore the fact that it says SOSN on the featured image…. I was sleepy and I don’t know what day it is)

I’ll keep this short because it’s super hot next to my PC and I’m bushed! Long fantastic week here in Penny-Packer land. This week I released the bundled version of the More Smarter Clever Paper and Quick Learnin’ Elements. I also added a brand new Composed alphabet! So if you never grabbed my portion of last years September BYOC (2012) now is the time!!

More SmarterMore Smarter
$6.00 $4.80

Includes a bunch of cool (and brilliant) embellishments, lots of unique patterns & backgrounds, and a shabby alphabet! Each pack is also available separately but includes a price break when you purchase the kit. Grab it this weekend and save even more!

The More Smarter Packs:

More Smarter: Composed Alphabet More Smarter: Cliff Notes
More Smarter: Quick Learnin' Elements More Smarter: Clever Papers

In other news…. this week marked the debut of Polly Picks with one of the most amazing scrappers I know. Amanda chose her favorite products and you can find them all marked down to 20% off in their own category in the store marked “Polly Picks”



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