6 Hours of Freedom…

Hello all! I’m having a wild week!! Monday morning Lillian calls me from her bus stop and tells me a bunny came up to her. A bunny. We live in Portland. There aren’t bunnies roaming around. Montana and I go fetch him. Promptly fall in love. But found his home (yes – WE found his owners who didn’t even notice he was gone to two days) last night. SO SAD! I’m sure he’ll get out again and when he does he’s mine. It’s only fair, right?

Anywho, Friday I released the 6 Hours collection:

This tongue in cheek collection for the rarely quiet nest is full of fun bits, papered elements, and happy patterns. Plus there’s a build your own digital clock kit!!

And new today, and 50% off today also, is the collection of journaling & title cards:

6 Hours of Freedom: Journaling Cards

This set of cards includes both textured and non-textured versions and lots of variations. :)

In other news…. this week marked the debut of Polly Picks with one of the most amazing scrappers I know. Amanda chose her favorite products and you can find them all marked down to 20% off in their own category in the store marked “Polly Picks”


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