And Away We Go!

Happy Friday! Is it just me or do they just keep coming faster?? Here’s a recap of my Friday so far…

  • 4am: Got email that I won 2 tickets to advance screening of The Conjuring! Yay
  • 5:30am: Realized I never unzipped June’s Digi Files. Went to unzip…. NONE of them had completed…. no June Digi Files for me. Bye-bye $5. Booooo
  • 7:30am: The Hairdresser leaves for work. Double Booooo
  • 9am: Realize ALL of the kids are still asleep. Why am I up? So I go back to bed. Yay
  • 11:30am: Repeat 9am. Yay?
  • 1:30pm: Seriously. Still asleep? Teenagers…
  • 3:30pm: Oh, sale at Mentality Nail Polish? Distracted till now…

Summer is exciting.

However, I do have a ridiculously badass new release for you!!


Val, Micheline, and I collaborated on this monster kit! Lots of papers, lots of elements, lots of alphas. It’s pretty, isn’t it?


Val and I each made matching journaling cards. These are mine. Sparkly!! Nothing like air travel and gold glitter to get the blood pumping! Both are on sale this weekend. :)


In other news… this week I got to post my first dare! That my layout above. I had fun. You will too! Come play!!!!!!


Don’t forget to snag this MASSIVE alpha freebie! It’s different than the one on facebook but they match. You should really have both. And look:

FOLDER2It’s fancy – and even includes a totally random but too cool not to include red, white, and blue glitter!

You may have to right click and copy the url – I don’t know why mediafire is dishing out super long urls right now.

See you real soon!! 

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