A Good Morning Built for Two! SOSN 7/10

It’s Wednesday again and that means…… THREE products for half off!

I got a couple emails Friday night asking where the cards were…. HERE THEY ARE! Snag them today for only $1.50!

Good Morning Sunshine: The Kit Bundle Good Morning Sunshine: Extras Bundle

Both the bundles are half off today, too! Still favorites, these were the first products I released at The Lilypad. Grab the giant kit for only $3.63 and the extras for only $2.63 today only!

Want a massive freebie? The solids versions are available on my Facebook page but I like the patterned ones too!

Two downloads: LINK ONE  LINK TWO

You may have to right click and copy the url – I don’t know why mediafire is dishing out super long urls right now.

**oh – also, I had a giveaway scheduled for last weekend but I’m pushing it a little bit for some super good reasons. :)


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