50% off Dandy Goodness

While the kids are away the parents will play! With our quartet gone The Hairdresser threw me over his shoulder and dragged (drug? this one I never remember) me to the theater to see WWZ. I’m getting better at this leaving the house thing. Sorta. No breakdowns. No freakouts. Made it through the whole movie. And let me just say….. Fast zombies are scary. I’ll also say that Brad Pitt can chop my hand off whenever he wants.

Now that I’m home and ready to hide in my room for a couple days I figure I should share this week’s SOSN deals with you!

FOLDERAll 3 are part of the July 2012 BYOC – my favorite BYOC last year! And you can grab all three for only $4.85!!!!

See you soon,


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