Something Old, Something New….

Whoops! I was sitting here (finally!) packing up the giveaway necklaces (seriously…. who ate all the 4×6 mailers in Portland?) and realized it was Wednesday. Which means SOSN! So I’m dropping by to remind you. Also, after several requests I’ve added a list for an extra Wednesday newsletter. If you want to be notified of all Wednesday SOSN 50% off deals sign up over on the sidebar under subscribe. (I know the sidebar is kind of screwy looking right now, still messing with it.) Those newsletters will start going out next week.

Alright, this week I’ve got two “old” favorites on sale for 50% off:


Building Blocks is only $2.50 right now! And is making me want to make a second version. If only I could remember how I made that glass….. Which reminds me. You can use the transparent tape shadow tutorial on this alpha, too! Also half off this week:

FOLDERYou can grab these puppies for less than $1.50 and the Buildng Blocks for $2.50 thru the rest of today. See you later with something else to do with glue and a couple new Friday releases!!  Al

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