Be Brazen (on the cheap)…

This week I’m the featured designer at The Daily Digi. Why? Because I’m part of the Digi Files #53! And no, I was totally sober when I did the interview. :)  I Am What I Am will come home to TLP early in June with the banner pack and some other parts not yet released, too.

Every Wednesday at TLP you can find a small selection of products, both old and new, for 50% off. Something Old, Something New is a great chance to try a new TLP designer or snag something on your wishlist at a discount. It’s a total digi lottery – you never know what’ll end up there. This week for SOSN I have TWO products for you…

Brazen Backs are quite possibly the wackiest paper pack I’ve ever released. These are wild ones and make not only fabulous backgrounds but are also perfect for clipping to shapes, snipping into bits, and anything else you can imagine. They print pretty, too!  This was on of those BYOC palettes that made me want to hide and cry so in the end I went mad. (I love them) And for today, 5/14, only they’re only $2  Seriously. 24 papers for $2.

Also 50% off this week is the companion pack of flags, tags, and other papery bits.

Tagged & Flagged includes 40+ tag and flag variations plus they each come in two styles: shabby and the opposite of shabby. 86 total elements for $1.63. Can’t beat that with a stick even if you wanted to!

Grab ’em while they’re hot and I’ll see you soon! <3 Allison

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