October 2012 BYOC

Ahhhhhh….. BYOC time once more….

Admittedly this is not where the stuff was headed originally but I’m extremely pleased with where I landed! And I have to tell you…. this month’s BYOC is crazy good. Really. WOW. If I didn’t live at TLP I’d weep with need.  We’re joined by Shawna Clingerman and my Mars vs. Venus pal Pink Reptile Designs. Fantastic!

I give you the Fall Back Collection:

Fall Back Alphabet Preview

Fall Back: Letters, Numbers, Etc
October 2012 BYOC

Includes 1 “up” and 1 “down” block in each of the 6 colors for easy placement in any combo you like. Characters are included in png format and in brush format to leave the options as open as possible – you get to pick what color letters to use, for example.  In addition, there is an entire extra set in half the size to limit loss of detail for longer word strings.

Fall Back Embellishments

Fall Back: Embellishments
October 2012 BYOC

Dozens and dozens of embellishments included in the element pack. Word strips, paper parts, tons of paper strips, flags, flowers, etc etc etc  Approx. 70 elements included.

Fall Back Paper

Fall Back: Papers
October 2012 BYOC

A rich 18 pack off subtly textured backgrounds and papers perfectly coordinated with the October ’12 BYOC and versatile enough to fit in all year long. Includes 12 print/patterned papers and 7 solids.

Like?? And don’t forget, all October BYOC goodies are marked down for the weekend!

Okay… I also have to gush. This is nuts. Seriously nuts. Did you see who has landed FOR GOOD at TLP?????

One Little Bird

One. Little. Bird.

I’ll be working over the blog in the coming weeks when I get a handle on all the new and exciting projects in the works so if it goes POOF for a bit don’t fret! SMOOCH! Allison

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