Not Pictured

Hello, hello, hello!Want to see my favorite, really really, kit maybe ever?
Not Pictured Preview
When my youngest was finally old enough (one and a half) to hold his own with his sisters for a Christmas card I jumped all over it with the naivety of a baby deer in baby headlights.  Looking back I’m not sure how I could have been that stupid. But other moms had perfect little portraits of their cherubs in ghastly little hats making nice for the camera, right?  It was not to be. I had an entire memory card full of the most hilarious photographs of my toddling trio screaming, yelling, glaring, fighting, smirking, and blowing snot bubbles. I had to devote an entire portion of my former family website to them. That year’s Christmas card was epic. For me at least.And there have been so many blurry, missed, and/or completely fumbled moments since and I never know how to use them to remember and, after all, that’s the entire point!

Not Pictured is great for celebrating those moments as well as the moments that weren’t photographed at all. There are lots of hand drawn elements – which come two ways – and word strips, colorful embellishments, a goofy alpha in nine full colors, a mega ton of paper (10 solids, 14 patterned) and more. Plus when you buy the kit you get the doodles and multi-colored scribblies for free!  FYI – the papers and doodles also sell on their own but it’s a huge price break when you buy the whole kit.

And don’t forget! The Lilypad is having a wicked retirement sale, I mean tons and tons of stuff that I can’t believe is being retired and it’s almost over. (none of the retiring stuff is from me. LOL)

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