For the Love of Journaling: Bundle No.2 (and win!)

Hiya! Happy Friday!!!! Today I’ve got some brand new – super cool – journaling aids for ya…

Annnnnd…. a chance to win $5.75 to my store because I’m in a mood and maybe it’ll cheer me up. :) And hopefully it’ll make someone’s mood happy, too.

Okay, first things first. I’ve really, really enjoyed the journaling portion of the “For the Love of” collection. Mostly because it’s stuff I really enjoy scrapping with but also because I like seeing how other scrappers utilize them. Early on in my own scrapbooking I didn’t even think about journaling. I labored over choosing the right title and then tortured myself over making it look cool. Those are still fun and often important parts of a page but I’ve found a brand new lease on scrapping over the last year or so after allowing myself to get over my shy factor and journal as much or as little as I want on my pages. I still struggle sometimes with feeling like I’m putting myself out there for dissection – in fact, it’s something that I struggle with in many parts of my life – whether I put my pages in a public gallery or just in book for my family. Anytime someone’s going to see it I struggle. Because of that, journaling has become a bit of an exercise in letting go as much as it has become a vital part of recording my memories.

And these goodies make it fun:)

For the Love of Journaling: Bundle No.2

This bundle includes 3 full products: The Brushes (emphatic), The Brushes (get in line), and The Frames (with room) and what’s more…. if you grab the bundle you get all three for the price of just two!! Of course, though, all three are also available individually for your convenience. The preview don’t show everything, either. The brush packs are huge (and come in pngs too) and the frames also come plain.    (and check out Bundle No.1 while you’re there if you’ve missed it!)

Other stuff you may have missed…
Today is also Designer’s Choice Friday at CatScrap and I have TONS of products in the category at 50% off. No throwaways, either – all stuff I love. Don’t miss it!!! Also, for Trendsetter Tuesday this week I released an element add-on to Pops, my recently release Dad-lovin kit. I got lots of emailed requests for them so I caved – anything to make my people happy.

And now for the giveaway! If you’d like a chance to win the new bundle or an equivalent gift certificate simply tell me if you’re a journal happy scrapper or if you prefer to skip it in the comments below. If you Facebook and/or Tweet the giveaway you can comment for an extra entry each.

To summarize:
Entry #1: Comment about your journaling practices
Entry #2: Facebook and/or Tweet (link to it in your comment)
Entry #3: Tweet and/or Facebook (link to it in your comment)

You have till 11:59pm (EST) Tuesday, August 2nd to enter. Ta-ta for now! Allison

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