Summer Tallies!

Good Morning! (Good night?  I dunno… it’s 2:33am here)

Before I finally try to go to sleep or at the very least listen to a chapter or two of  the YA book I’m way too ashamed to admit that I’m listening to I thought I’d share this Trendsetter Tuesday 7/19 Release with yous!


Okay, fine. :) This simple but cool pack is perfect for keeping track of all the little things this summer (and beyond, I suppose) and includes 32 activity strips and 5 sets of numbers (0 – 9 so you can make any number you wish!) to mix and match all over the place.  Preview has a couple examples all mixed up as well as all of the other strips included. PS: Only 4 of the 5 number styles are pictures and the doodle numbers come in brush format, too!


See you this Friday with a kit that was very nearly titled “Dirty Daddy” until Mz. Montana pointed out that that particular name might make customers scratch their heads. :)  See you then! Enjoy your week! G’night!!



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