For the Love of….

Journaling!! Yay!! The “For the Love of” collection started the day my very first store opened at Polka Dot Plum with Artful Argyles (v.1).  At 1am, the night before the grand opening of PDP, I was panicked that my store was too empty.  I had 2 kits and that was it.  So I started dabbling with some argyle patterns I had made in AI months before for a shirt at my olden “big girl” job (read – I had an office that didn’t include my couch and I had to drive there not walk there like now).  By 4am I had 16 unique argyle patterns in a rainbow of colors.  Surprisingly they sold more than the kits those first days and the collection was born (unofficially)!

That first few months (the end of 2009) it was just paper.  But at the start of 2010 the collection was named, a new palette was chosen for the new year and the three pack bundles were born… they became some of my best sellers when I moved to CatScrap in May of that year.  Alphas were added to the collective around that time and, after a request, labels joined too.

I was so excited to pick 2011’s palette!  The bundles have remained best sellers.  I even shook the alpha portion of the collection up a bit with the eclectic Building Blocks bundle after I realized I could make my own rules!

And now… journaling tools have joined the “For the Love of” fam with 3 massive products!
For the Love of Journaling: The Brushes (proofed) is a gigantic set of brushes for editing and spicing up your journaling.  140 brushes in png and abr format.  Lots of crazy marks, arrows, etc… I’ve had so much fun using them.  And they’re all hand written to maintain the look of “scribbled on” editing.  Yeehaw!!

For the Love of Journaling: The Strips is a ridiculously big set of strips – 50 with journaling prompts/phrases and another 20 blank strips just for kicks!  Each strip is completely unique – not the same few strips with different words.  Alternative spellings are included in that 50 also (ex. favorite vs. favourite)

For the Love of Journaling: The Papers are maybe my favorite of this bunch.  The idea came about when I was stuck trying to figure out how to bring the much needed journaling into an otherwise perfect page and couldn’t find a way to work it in without looking like it had just been stuck there.  These papers ensure that your journaling fits in no matter what! There are 72 total papers – 4 styles, each come lined and unlined, and each of those come in 9 colors!!

They’re all 20% thru this Friday and if you buy For the Love of Journaling: Bundle #1 you get a great price break, too!

Stay tuned… this Friday when another massive collection of goodies comes home to my CatScrap store!!

PS: Here’s a teeny tiny itty bitty freebie just for my people!

A set of common symbols:  ” ” ‘ (){}[]<> each in 9 colors and all perfectly sized for the strips and papers for extra special emphasis. :)

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  1. Sandra
    June 30, 2011 at 6:44 am (11 years ago)

    “Awesome” “Thank you!”

  2. Tami
    June 30, 2011 at 10:00 am (11 years ago)

    Thanks for sharing!