Friday Shopping!

I had stuff I’d planned to release in my store today but alas, I am injured.  I’ll spare you the lively details but I’m in an eyepatch.  LOL! And I have no depth perception…

So instead I thought I’d share with you the goodies I picked up this week!

I think that one of the things that makes me love to design *so* much is that I still make time to scrap.  When I’m blocked, I scrap.  When I’m sad or lonely, I scrap.  And that means I shop.  ALOT!! This isn’t going to be an advertising post for the (very few) teams I’m lucky to be on so don’t fret.  Although frankly I’d have bought that stuff too!  Don’t tell, though, or they might kick me off!

In no particular order…

Must Love Dogs
by Valorie Wibbens and Honey Designs
OMG! I caught a little glimpse of this earlier in the week quite by accident and stalked poor Valorie for days asking her if it was Friday yet. *grin* I was so excited when I finally saw the full preview.  What a cool kit!!! I’ve got four beloved chihuahuas and I’m going to use and abuse this kit.  I bought this beauty the second it went live!

Imaginary Friends
by Lauren Reid & Re Kneipp
And while I was there look what else I found!! I couldn’t resist.  All the goofy imaginary friend memories I have of my growin’ kiddos? Perfect! So I had to grab this, too!

Story Mappers no.3
by The Tattered Pear
I do have the good fortune to be on this fabulous team however – I can say with no hesitation whatsoever that I’d spend my hard earned money on these any day of the week! In fact, before joining their team I DID purchase a ton of their stuff. :) My devotion is pure. These Story Mappers are so ridiculously fun to scrap with.  I <3 them.  I’ve enjoyed every set and this set’s no different and I’m having a blast scrapping my way through this pack… starting with this layout I made yesterday – with only one eye.  That’s how easy they are!!

Funny Notes
by Megan Fisher Designs
I was totally done shopping – I swore it to myself.  I bought alotta stuff this week and I needed to behave.  But then I opened my 9&B newsletter and saw this fab kit! I’ve never bought from Megan before but I loved the preview and the layouts made with it were amazing so I was powerless. I bought it and was not disappointed when I looked at it all close-up. (well, with one eye but….)

Earlier this week I grabbed lots of stuff, too!

SSD 2011 Quarterly Assortment 2
I saw this when I was browsing the new releases last Saturday and couldn’t help myself. I had to grab it… and I love every bit of it!

Army Forever
by Paula Kesselring
I squealed when I saw this go live Tuesday. I have a (newly turned) 10 year old, Maximo, who is militarily obsessed.  Knows every fact about every American fought war, every military weapon, etc… when he’s not wearing a full suit to school he’s wearing fatigues.  I flippin love this kid.  But anywho – he’s wicked hard to scrap.  And then I saw this kit!  Even he was stoked and immediately identified every object in the preview.  LOL

I also picked up a bunch of stuff from my Wish List at TLP on Wednesday. Some Kate Hadfield alphas (Scruffy n’ Stripey and All Sports) and a fab Lili alpha (Sweet Notes) and even some cool crayoned ellies from Amy Wolff (Crayon Bits). And yet my wish list remains long.  And unfortunately for Paypal SSD releases in a couple of hours. :)  I think there’s a Jenn Barrette kit I might have to have.

Did you get anything fabulous this week?

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