Freebie and CT Call!!

Hello again…

Some people were having trouble getting from the newsletter link to the 4Shared link without 4Shared mucking up so I’m sharing this extra from Hot Mess v.2 with everyone.  But it’s worth noting that if you sign up for the newsletter you’ll never miss wicked freebies such as this one.  :)

And now for the exciting stuff… For the first time ever I’m having a CT Call!  I’ve never had one but have been lucky enough to be approached by some great, great ladies over the years.  But the time has come… I need some full timers that are enthusiastic and inspired to join my teeny tiny team.  (image is linked to my email)

Check out my store if you’re not totally familiar with my goods!  Send your stuff by April 9th to be considered!!  New members will be announced soon after.  Smooches and have a great weekend!! Allison

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