Cyber Tuesday?

What a great way to catch up with recent releases!!!  Everything in my store is 45% off, including a holiday bundle, lotsa new to CatScrap goodies, and all the favorites on your wish list.  Annnnd…. gorgeous (well, I like it) alpha that’s free today!  And only today!

Pretty, huh?

New to CatScrap Bundle and other goodies:

Have you see the other releases lately?  45% off, too!

All of these and more can be found at my ever-growing CatScrap store…

While you’re here… I’ve got some fun planned here at my blog starting Monday, December 13th. Freebies, FWP offers, major giveaway chance… etc and CatScrap kicks off the annual Advent Calender on the 1st. Don’t miss it!

Smooch, Allison

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